Reason to Plan a Destination Wedding in Sikkim:

Sikkim is far better than any other city that is famous for a destination wedding in India. The natural charms, the unblemished sites, the serenity and the culture of Sikkim make it an ideal destination for your destination wedding.

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Destination weddings are an ever going trend. People love the concept of going to a new destination to tie the sacred knot of the wedding. Due to this craze, certain destinations of India have also become famous for destination weddings.

But, you may seldom hear the name of Sikkim in that long list. Yes, not many people choose Sikkim for their destination wedding. It happens because very few people know about the hidden gems and natural beauty of Sikkim. Those who know about it consider Sikkim the best destination for a destination wedding.

Sikkim is far better than any other city that is famous for a destination wedding in India. The natural charms, the unblemished sites, the serenity and the culture of Sikkim make it an ideal destination for your destination wedding.

Are you still not sure why you should plan a destination wedding in Sikkim? Well, you will agree with us after reading the reasons for doing so.

Sikkim is Home to Mountainous Landscapes:

Sikkim houses snow-clad Himalayan Mountains. The third highest mountain in the world, namely Kanchenjunga, is also situated in Sikkim. There is nothing more beautiful than exchanging the wedding vows amidst ethereal mountains.

In Sikkim, you can find many venues that feature the mesmerizing views of lofty mountains. People crave to see such views so; you can please your guests along with enjoying these views yourself on your destination wedding in Sikkim.

Sikkim is the Least Populous and the Cleanest State of India:

Wedding is a very big ceremony. For the wedding, people have to book the venues long before the wedding date. Yes, because so many people are going to marry on that same date. These bookings are costly, as well.

But, marrying in the least populous state of India can solve this problem. Yes, as we have mentioned earlier, not many people go to Sikkim for a destination wedding as well. It means you can book venues and other services without any hassle and in genuine prices if you plan to marry in Sikkim.

On the other hand, if you will plan your destination wedding in jam-packed destinations like Goa, then you will have to spend much more amount to book a decent venue. In addition, the cleanliness of Sikkim is also commendable.

Sikkim has a Pleasant Climate:

People who live in plains opt for a destination wedding to escape the scorching heat. They plan a destination wedding in places where the temperature remains low for the whole year. One such destination in Sikkim. Due to its high altitude, the climate of Sikkim always remains pleasant.

Yes, there are heavy rains too. But, you can plan a destination wedding in any month except the monsoon months to enjoy the best weather of this north-eastern state. The seasons like winters and springs are best to organize a destination wedding in Sikkim.

Sikkim Offers Incomparable Natural Beauty:

Everyone gets the blessings of elder people on their wedding, but only a few get the blessings of Mother Nature. Well, in Sikkim, you can feel the divine presence of Mother Nature in every scenery.

Sikkim is bestowed with natural wonders like beautiful lakes, amazing flora and fauna and green valleys. You will never fall short of picturesque venues for your various ceremonies in Sikkim. You can simply plan a gathering at the side of some enchanting lake or waterfall in Sikkim.

The Sikkimese Delicacies are Awesome:

The north-eastern cuisine is unique yet delicious. The dishes of Sikkimese cuisine will add a different flavor to your wedding celebrations. These will make your wedding menu not only unique but memorable also.

Dishes like momos, thupka, gundruk, saelroti, chhurpi and tasty curries made up of tama will provide a change of taste to your guests. You can find many Sikkimese delicacies options in veg as well as in non-veg.

Sikkim has the Utmost Tranquillity:

The presence of nature and less involvement of humans make Sikkim one of the most tranquil states of India. People of Sikkim have learned to live in harmony with nature to preserve it for their well-being.

So, a destination wedding in such a serene ambiance is a great idea! You can enjoy the wedding days and all the functions without any disturbances in the peaceful surroundings of Sikkim.

Your guests will also get a chance to take a break from their hectic daily life schedule through your destination wedding. In addition, your loved ones will be able to contribute fully to your wedding rituals due to the tranquil vibes of Sikkim.

You can Enjoy Snowfall Wedding in Sikkim:

If you always dreamt of marrying in snowfall, then you don’t need any other reason to plan your destination wedding in Sikkim. Yes, due to the mountainous location, Sikkim also receives heavy snowfall in the winter months.

The city of Sikkim turns into a white paradise with the thick sheets of ice in winters. Although not every area receives snowfall, still you can experience it in famous regions like Zero Point, Thangu, Yumthang Valley and Gurudongmar Lake in the North Sikkim area. So, you can enjoy snowfall on your wedding day as well by planning a destination wedding in Sikkim.

You can relax in the Hot Water Springs in Sikkim:

Wedding ceremonies are accompanied by lots of tensions and worries. Of course, it’s a very big responsibility and day as well, so being panicked on it is quite normal. Well, a hot spring bath can make you forget all your worries.

Yes, you can go for a hot bath in the natural water springs of Sikkim a day or two days before the actual ceremony. It will surely be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The medicinal properties containing water of these springs will ease all your tensions. The hot springs are located in areas like Reshi, Yumthang, and Ralang in Sikkim.

So, all these points make it very clear that Sikkim is a perfect destination for a destination wedding. The beauty, purity, and tranquillity of Sikkim are truly unmatchable.

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