10 Fitness and Bodybuilding Tips

10 Fitness and Bodybuilding Tips

Getting fit is not a simple task. For this you will need a training plan and an exercise routine, a correct and balanced diet and, above all, commitment, commitment and desire to overcome each day.

There are many people who sign up for a gym with the goal of losing their belly or strengthening their muscles, but nevertheless, a few weeks after spending the first and worst days of adaptation and stiffness, they decide to leave because they don’t get the results that They waited.

This should not happen to you if you want to achieve that goal that you want so much, since you should see it as a medium-long-term objective with a view to at least several months, maybe more or maybe less, this will largely depend on your commitment .

But what should be clear is that, although there are people who can get it sooner or later due to factors such as genetics, more free time, etc., it is something that is available to everyone who proposes it.

If you are already determined on what you want to do and are committed to it, first of all we want to explain a series of basic techniques and concepts that you should know and take into account to perform your workouts more effectively and avoid making mistakes more frequent.

This way you will achieve your goals more quickly, regardless of whether you want to gain muscle or lose fat. Let’s start with the concepts to consider:

Do Not Overload The Muscle

Engrave this in the head, you should not overload the muscle, that is, do not overload it. Many people make the mistake of doing an infinity of exercises for the same muscle and train it 3 or 4 times a week.

These people have the false belief that the more you train a more muscle will develop and in less time and this is incorrect. Contrary to what is thought, the truth is that when you overtrain a muscle you are atrophying it, since you do not let it rest. I’m gonna put an example:

Ideally, allow at least 48 hours to pass for a muscle to recover (you will also notice the most intense stiffness during that period). But there are certain muscles such as the chest that need more time to recover (between 4-5 days).

For this reason, training your chest once a week guarantees you better results than training it twice a week. If you want to train, repeat some muscles a week, the ideal is to alternate.

That is, if this week you want to repeat chest you can train chest Monday and Friday-Saturday. But to another week do not train it 2 times again, change muscle and rest that particular one.

Give Everything Of Yourself In The Last Repetitions

Performing the last repetitions effortlessly is a very common mistake, more than it seems, even for people who have been in the gym for a long time.

You may know of someone who has been in the gym for a long time and is unable to advance in his level of muscles and may be largely a reason, even if it seems silly.

The reason for this is that muscle growth is directly related to the stimuli it receives and for this reason, if we do not stimulate enough muscle through exercises, it hardly grows.

You may be wondering that this concept is great, but … How do I put it into practice? We give you 3 tips for this:

Make the series of all your exercises with a weight such that the last 2-3 repetitions go to the limit, so that in these last repetitions you need the help of a partner to be able to perform them successfully. And this why? Because in the last repetitions it will be when the muscle receives the stimulus that makes it grow.

Always remember this: A series in which it is not difficult for you to lift the weight in the last repetitions is a lost series. So, or you gain weight, or you’ll be wasting your time.

If you can, always train with a partner. This is vital to be able to go to the limit in these last repetitions, something you can not do only if you want to reach your top. Remember that these last repetitions are worthwhile. If you cannot train with a partner, I advise you to ask for help from anyone nearby. Do not do it alone.

Focus On The Muscle You Are Training

Being focused on the muscle we want to develop in training is important and make sure that the technique is correct. Performing an exercise poorly and not concentrating on the muscle we want can lead to the involvement of other muscles we do not want.

For example: On some occasion it could have happened to you or it will happen to you that when you do a back exercise you notice that you are congesting your biceps more than your back. If this happens to you, review the exercise and focus on doing it correctly because you may be failing to execute. If you are looking for some extra boost, you may even consider trying out hgh humatrope 72 iu and genotropin 36 iu.

Don’t Rest Too Much Between Each Series

If you want your training to be effective, control the rest times between each series. This is vitally important for proper training. Rest more than 60-90 seconds between each series is to cheat, take it like this.

Do Not Miss Any Session Of Your Training

Remember that achieving your goal requires commitment. Do not replace your training by watching a chapter of your favorite series on Netflix, a football game or any other plan. It is important that you take it seriously and comply with your training routine.

If you start to wear an occasional excuse to do your training, the day will come when your habit of going to the gym becomes a habit of making excuses for not going. If for some exceptional reason you cannot go one day, find another time to do it.

Train With Enough Intensity

Some of the techniques used to train with sufficient intensity are those carried out by bodybuilders in their workouts. They are between them:

Composite series: It consists of completing 2 exercises without rest for the same muscle group.

Partial series: It consists of performing a couple of additional repetitions with half the movement after having reached the muscle failure.

Descending series: It consists of reaching the muscle failure and immediately reducing the weight and continuing to perform repetitions until reaching a second muscle failure.

Negative series: This type of series is carried out in exercises where we only work with the body, such as dominated and parallel push-ups (known as bottoms). It consists of more slowly making the descents in the exercise to the starting point, since we have more force in the descents or eccentric contractions of the exercise.

Do Not Put 100% Of Your Effort In The Positive (Concentric) Phase Of Each Repetition

There are many who believe that the important thing is the rise or positive phase (also called concentric) of each repetition and they are wrong, regardless of the negative or eccentric phase. For example, in the chest bench press exercise, perform the climb with great force and on the descent simply let the weight fall.

In this way we would be missing the training to a great extent. You should use the negative or eccentric phase of the exercise to add more stress to your muscles, and in this way offer you a greater stimulus for greater growth.

Don’t Always Train In The Same Way

This is a mistake many people make after a long period of training. You will have noticed that when you start a new routine, on the following days you notice some stitches that you no longer remember. And after a while with that same routine, notes such as those stiffness diminish with each week of training.

This is because the muscles get used to that new routine and to that particular type of exercise. To stimulate your muscles it is necessary that from time to time you change your routine and vary the exercises, including composite series, negatives, superseries, etc.

This way you will be able to stimulate your muscles in a better way and make your training more effective.

Pay Attention To Something Fundamental Such As Nutrition

Remember this always. The diet is the most important. Yes, you heard correctly. Whether you want to gain muscle or if your goal is to define and lose fat, having a meal plan that is oriented to that goal is very important.

If you can not diet, for any reason, at least try to eat correctly. A person who wants to gain muscle mass should not eat the same as a person who wants to define.

Everyone needs their correct amounts of good quality protein, carbohydrates and fats, in addition to the other necessary micronutrients.

Perform Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise will be in charge, along with the diet, of burning that fat that hides your muscles and being able to bring to light those muscles as hidden and desired as the abdominals.

To achieve this goal is not worth anything. You should perform your cardio exercises always looking for the heart rate to be between 60-85% of your maximum, with a duration of your cardio session over 15 minutes and being performed at least 3 days a week.

Do Not Follow The Advice Of The Magazines (Bonus Council)

It is very common that in bodybuilding and fitness magazines they show on the cover some acquaintance of the world with the article in which he explains his champion routine. You buy the magazine, you follow the training and after a while you realize that it doesn’t work as you expected.

Have you been cheated? It does not have to be this way. You just have to keep in mind that at a competitive level or the great professionals have very specific oriented routines and measures for them in particular. For this they are based on their genetics, concrete eating plan, training experience, etc.

So trying a routine of this type by a person who does not have all these characteristics can be very inefficient.

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