Stainless Steel Laboratory Casework

10 Most Specification of Laboratory Stainless Steel Laboratoty Casework

Constructed to the same specifications as our painted steel casework, Hamilton Laboratory Solutions stainless steel casework is ideal for high moisture areas or applications subject to frequent or intense cleaning. The tough stainless steel surface is also a logical alternative for areas subject to heavy abrasion, impact, heat and general abuse.

Codes dictate that the bottom, top, door, and sides of metal cabinets shall be at least No. 18 gage sheet metal and double walled with 1½‐inch air space. The door shall be provided with a three‐point lock, and the door sill shall be raised at least 2 inches above the bottom of the cabinet. Steel looks clean and state of the art. Factor in multiple color options and the ability to have custom colors, and you can create a beautiful laboratory.  The main benefit for steel in this category is that steel looks better over time with the wear and tear that labs are subjected to.

Now days there has great value for using this Stainless Steel Laboratory Casework because first of all this is durable and flexible and easy to handle and has some special appeal of its own.

Apart from these, custom stainless steel framework is the ideal for wet fab environments and this is extremely durable for the long run means you can use this for the long period of time depending on its working capability. Cabinetry fabricated from T304 stainless steel sheet which is available in the additional cost and has its own characteristics as well. All exposed interior surfaces polished at the no 4 brushed stain finish.

We can also supply the sitting and standing height base cabinets, well cabinets, tall storage units, table frames, table leg sets and other specialized custom stainless steel units and those are made to the highest standard. Now the question is that what are the main specifications and benefits for using this stainless steel in the lab cabinets?

The main features and characteristics are these are very much standard sinks and easy to clean and handle and that is why this is very much durable enough and adaptable to any color scheme or décor has also the fingerprint resistant as well. But make sure absence of painted surfaces eliminates concern for flaking and standard steel is hundred percent recyclable. Standard sinks are very much integral and one piece designs. The main thing is that you can save your money by investing in this sustainable furniture solution instead of spreading more money on built in millwork.

Recommended uses include healthcare applications, clean rooms, photo labs, radioactive applications, biological, agricultural, petroleum and food labs, morgues, autopsy labs, high moisture areas, sterile and constant temperature rooms and areas where fire and abrasion are encountered.

Some of the common applications for stainless steel cabinets and furniture include:

  • Hospital operating rooms
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and research labs
  • Animal research labs
  • Food research and testing labs
  • Autopsy labs
  • Bio safety labs

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