3 Mantras to Build Your Self-Love


Whenever you travel by air, the flight attendant instructs ‘Put your oxygen mask on first, and then assist others,’ this seems to be the perfect metaphor for self-care and valuing oneself. If we cannot function well, what good are we going to be for others?

Spirituality and deeper understanding of the world can come into action only when we start admiring and loving ourselves in spite of all the flaws. The teachings of yoga are based on the spiritual concept that we cannot fully love someone else unless we fully love oneself. Yoga and meditation retreat in Nepal can help work as a mirror to see within our souls and understand who we are. Health retreat in Nepal use spiritual teachings and mindful activities to cultivate self-love and care.Cultivating self-love, allows us to see the world differently, with a new and improved perspective.

Why Self-Love is important?

  • Self-love motivates you to make healthy choices in life.

When we regard something of prominent value we tend to nurture and take extra care. The same happens with us, and we start picking healthy options and treating us right.

  • Eliminates self-loathing and sulking.

Criticizing does no good to us and is a negative emotion that pulls us down. Self-love allows us to become a better person than what we were before instead of sulking.

  • Without self-love, you drastically decrease your ability to be successful at anything.

When we stop believing in us, we lose self-confidence and lower our chances of improving.

  • Some people equate self-love with selfishness.

Selfishness is a quality that lacks consideration for other and concerns with greed over other’s sorrow. Self-Love stands far away from selfishness and only requires an individual to be affectionate to themselves with no involvement of any party.

What are Mantras and how do they work?

Mantras are a tool for the mind to quieten its fluctuations. Mantras are often used in meditation to create powerful vibrations throughout the body that allows our consciousness to flow inward.  This sacred utterance of words has psychological effect that helps calm down and absorb the meaning of the mantra that we are chanting.

Healing retreat in Nepal uses a beautiful Mala while chanting and supercharge your chanting. The mala has 108 beads, which is an auspicious and sacred number. Chanting along with counting the beads, allows your mind to stay grounded and avoid wandering off.

3 Mantras to cultivate Self-Love

  • Aieemnamah (My true nature is love and joy)

Sit down and repeat this mantra over and over again, either out loud or inside your mind. This mantra widens your consciousness to identify who you are. You regulate your strength, love, and happiness. We have the key to our emotions and are in charge of our nature and the way we feel. Chanting this mantra in Sanskrit will create strong vibrations in your body and you feel a sense of energy and calmness.

  • Ahambrahmasmi (I am wholeness)

You are complete-you are whole. The mantra tells us that nothing has to be added or removed from one as we are truly complete. Repeating this mantra for few times in a day allows introspection and an expanded state of awareness.

  • Ahamprema (I am love)

This mantra gives us a better perspective of the world and helps us shift the way we see ourselves on a profound level through our deep awareness. It helps unleash our kind heart and love, which we had kept, locked inside of us. Repeat this mantra daily to connect to your true spirit and spreading love all around.


Let the mantras open the door to self-love and compassion.

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