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5 Ways to Retain Your Salon and Spa Clients

Client retention is a critical aspect of running a profitable salon and spa business. Acquiring a new client can cost five times more than retaining an existing client. Increasing client retention by 5% can increase profits from 25-95%.

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1. Provide awesome service

Offering exceptional customer service is always a winning approach towards retaining your clients. 
Try to go the extra mile — offer your customers beverages, complimentary snacks etc. Are your clients waiting for a while before you get to them? Provide them with the wi-fi password or other forms of entertainment. Whatever you decide on, make it unique to your salon or spa and make it something that keeps people coming back.

You want people talking about your customer service — in person, over the internet, everywhere.

Make sure when they do talk about it, they’re saying something exceptional. That’s going to be a key difference in a one-time client and a regular who knows you’re going to treat them right every time they walk through the door.

2. Offer memberships and prepaid schemes

Offering memberships is almost certainly a foolproof way to retain clients. Although your clients might love your service which must certainly be enough to keep them coming back to you sometimes an extra motivation doesn’t hurt. Having paid upfront for your services through memberships or prepaid schemes is a great way to ensure that you would be their first choice when choosing a salon or spa. Not to mention all the additional benefits and discounts they would be getting by turning a member.

Make sure you take the time to explain to all your new clients about the extra benefits they would be getting on becoming a member. You can also extend your memberships to the close family members of your clients giving them more incentive to bring someone along the next time they visit.

3. Send out service reminders

Although people love pampering themselves it just so happens that we tend to forget taking care of ourselves in between our busy schedule. Sending service reminders ensures that your clients don’t forget about their follow up procedures. It also goes a long way in showing your clients that you care about them. 
Using Wisor’s inbuilt Always On Campaigns you can easily set service reminders for different clients who availed different services from you. Depending on the service you can set different time periods after which your clients can be reminded of a follow-up procedure eliminating the need to manually remember client’s follow-ups.

4. Sell products

First-time clients tend to return when they purchase products, especially if they liked the product. And once that happens, you’ve earned their trust. So, tell your customers about all of your products on their first visit!

Also, have them test new products you’re thinking of bringing to your salon or spa and ask for their opinion. This will send a message that you don’t only see them as a client but also a part of your salon or spa family.

5. Targeted marketing

Running random offers or discounts seldom helps in getting the kind of footfall you expect. But when those offers are tailored to a specific group of clients you will notice a sharp increase in the effectiveness of your offer campaigns. Not only do the clients love the personalisation but the ROI on your offer campaigns increases sharply.

Wisor makes targeting particular clients extremely easy with Groups. Using Wisor Software you can create client groups using predefined rules. For example, if you want to run an offer campaign for those clients who have taken manicure service but haven’t tried pedicure then using “Services tried” rule you can easily sort those clients and then run corresponding offer campaigns for them.

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