7 Common Novel Writing Mistakes That Beginner Writers Commit

We often observe that some novels that we read of the new writers are not their first book, but there had been a long list of unnoticed books, and then ultimately we start giving it a read. The reality behind this is that when an author publishes any of their first novels, most of the times it faces failure before it actually hits the market and makes an appearance. The sole reason that the novels do not get any recognition is that the beginner authors make some rookie mistakes that cause them a failure.

It is obviously not possible to cover all the mistakes, and one has to learn something new in every attempt they make while writing the novel, but getting knowledge about some of the common mistakes a beginner writer could get some help and make improvements in their work. In order to help out the new or beginner writers, some of the common blunders are listed below for the assistance.

  1. Pick a Terrible & Weak Concept

Most of the beginner writers do not have the right idea that which topic they should select to start writing the novel about, and they bluntly pick up the ones that do not have any worth or the readers might not like it on any level. The concept should be clear and vibrant so that the readers get attracted to the book and wish to give it a read.

  • Not Creating a Storyline In Beginning

Beginner authors who do not have any proper knowledge of writing a successful novel often make the mistake that they begin to write the novel without even setting the goals and even the storyline. Instead, what they do is they make up a story as they go on writing, which could be misleading and cause the failure for the novel.

  • Fail to Ramp Up the Genre

Picking up a specific genre means that you have to write within the boundaries to reflect the right idea and give the real feel of the genre. When the new writers do not know about writing the novel, they find it difficult to stick to the category, and their story started to move in every direction that confuses the readers a lot.

  • Lousy Presentation of the Book

It is mandatory that the book should be represented in such a way that the readers get enticed and plan to give it a read. The biggest mistake would be to mess up with the presentation that not involves the book cover, but font style and page color also play a vital role in building the reputation of the book.

  • Creating Characters While Writing

Every professional writer understands that the characters of the story are like the backbone of the novel, and they are supposed to be created beforehand. However, it has been observed that the beginner writers make a common mistake that they do not plan the characters before they start to write and keep coming up with new characters while writing the novel. You should know that if there will be so many characters in the novel, it will get more complicated to bring the novel to an end and give every character the proper ending.

  • Taking Long Breaks While Writing the Novel

It is surely important to take the breaks while writing the novel to freshen up the mind and think of new ways to tell the story, but it would be a mistake to give writing a long break or even taking pause too often. When the authors make such mistake they eventually start to lose interest in writing the novel, and they either left the book incomplete dangling in the air, or they get the ghost book writers for hire to get their book completed so that they could publish under their name.

  • Not Taking Any Breaks

Some writers are just too passionate about writing, and when they start to work on their first novel, they give as much time as they could to make both ends meet. The only problem with working tirelessly on a novel without giving a break is that it eventually start causing writer’s block and the author start facing hurdles while writing the novel. Novel writing is merely fiction that needs a lot of imaginative thoughts that could be compiled to form a charming story, which is why it is important that a novel writer should take breaks after a certain period to refresh their thought so that they could deliver the story in a more productive and clear way.

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