Travel Insurance Mistakes

7 Common Travel Insurance Mistakes You Must Avoid

Like every other insurance, travel insurance also comes with a catalogue with the policy terms & conditions written in small print which we often avoid to read. Overlooking these important points make space for a misunderstanding or mistake later. If you haven’t bought travel insurance yet, but planning to get soon, here are the most common travel insurance mistakes that you must avoid.

Purchasing a travel insurance policy soon after something wrong happens

Do not wait for an unforeseen event to happen in order to buy travel insurance. If you want it to cover the loss, you must purchase travel insurance on time, that is, before any such events occur. There are travelers who make the mistake of waiting for something to happen which will bring no good as the travel insurance bought after the incident will not cover the claims.    

Canceling a trip before going to a doctor and expecting to be covered

So, you had to cancel a ticket due to some medical emergency but did you visit the doctor before cancellation? If not, we are sorry but you won’t be covered on medical grounds. Why? In case of a medical emergency that made you cancel the tickets, the travel insurance company asks for the doctor prescriptions and recommendation by your doctor that you should not travel. Only when these documents are provided, you can get the claim covered under the insurance policy. If you haven’t bought a policy yet, get a travel insurance quote to secure your future travel expeditions.

Using incorrect Policy Effective Dates while claim submission

This one is a very common mistake made by travelers when it comes to submitting a claim. You need to be careful while filling up the departure and return dates. It is very simple – the departure date is the day when you leave for the journey from home and return date is the day you return home. In case you have plans to stay in a hotel before the day of your flight, your departure day would be the day you leave the house and not the day your plane departs. In case of trip cancellation cover, you must ensure that the trip cancellation is purchased while booking the ticket and not right before you plan to cancel the ticket. Trip cancellation cover applies from the purchase date (day you book your tickets) until you depart for the flight. All other kind of coverage considers the departure date as the effective dates.

Taking the administrator as the insurance company

There are times when travelers purchase the insurance policy from a third party administrator considering him the travel insurance company. An administrator is a third party person who markets sells and issues the insurance policy. When you claim for coverage, you need to deal with the insurance company that writes the risks, terms & conditions of the purchased policy and take the responsibility of paying or denying your claims. So, it is always advised to purchase the best travel insurance policy directly from an agent of the insurance company.

Forgetting to keep the receipts of additional purchases  

In case your flight is delayed for a couple of hours or more and you need to book a hotel, do not forget keep the receipts. Not just hotels, you should retain all the receipts of any additional purchase done during the period of flight delays or in situation of flight cancellation. Also ensure talking to the airlines about the reason of flight delay or cancellation – mechanic, weather, etc.  

Expecting the baggage delay benefits for the return trip

The Baggage Delay Benefits offered by the ravel insurance company is limited to your outbound trip. This special benefit allows you to buy some toiletries or a beach swim suit until your luggage arrives. If your luggage is delayed while coming back from the trip, no such benefits can be claimed under the travel insurance policy. One of the important things to remember about travel insurance policy is that you must know when it is too late to buy travel insurance – get everything done before booking the flight tickets.

Not reading the insurance policy well

It is very important to read all the pages included in your travel insurance policy. It is of no use to buy one if you don’t read and understand it. You can avoid many denials of claims just by reading the terms and conditions thoroughly. The insurance companies are very specific while looking upon the claim, they don’t just deny your claim without a valid reason.

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