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Assisted Reproductive Treatments on a rise in Ghana

Ghana has lately emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for fertility treatments around the world. There are several reasons why cross-border reproductive travel to Ghana remains a popular option among infertile couples living in Ghana’s neighbouring countries, and of Ghanaian people living in Europe and the US.

The high quality of treatments and better results offered by the Ghanaian clinics and the circumvention of restricting regulations in the country of residence form the two biggest factors that drive medical tourists from several countries across the globe seeking fertility treatments to Ghana.

However, a major contribution to Ghana’s emergence as a fertility treatment hub has been from the Mumbai-based clinical embryologist Goral Gandhi. In charge of the structure and foundation of several active assisted conception labs in India and one in Ghana, Goral Gandhi has an expertise of more than 20 years in the field of IVF and assisted reproductive procedures.

The Mumbai-based embryologist has provided training in IVF to more than 500 embryologists from 18 nations. Goral Gandhi has also trained Embryologists and Clinicians from Ghana for hands-on experience covering all parts of IVF including IUI, ICSI, trouble shooting, verification and laboratory management since 2000. 

Goral Gandhi has set up a no. of fertility preservation modules at various labs. Her current research projects are centered on the choice of the most reasonable and ailment free embryo along with the unique conceivable implantation potential using PGD and PGS methods.

Despite technological advancements, some couples don’t divulge details of their method of conception for the fear of being criticized or shamed by family and friends. 
However, organizations like WHO and fertility scientists like Goral Gandhi are working towards creating awareness and de-stigmatizing the adoption of assisted reproductive procedures for conception amongst the people in Ghana.

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