B2B White Label- A promising travel technology that springs-up your travel business

Whether you have just started your travel agency business and decided to go online or you already own established travel business, you will definitely want to update yourself in order to gain momentum to achieve the target you always aimed for. Modern travel agencies are utilizing the latest technology and implementing robust strategies that helped them escalate their revenues and profit-margin. If you are having a limited budget and within this you want a large number of your targeted audience to connect with you and the features you integrate are DNA fit with your requirements, then a good B2B White Label Solution will provide you with a completely business-centric solution and enable the travel agencies to offer the required services to the travelers. This will help your travel business revamp in an industry, which is over-fastidious and over-crowded. It is comprised of advanced and robust features that not only allow the travel industry to grow, but also provide hassle-free online booking experience to the travelers. Due to the huge demand from the travelers, it has become a difficult task to have a travel reservation system, which not only has the ability to handle bookings of all sizes, but also scale-up the business. Security and reliability will remain as the other two main concerns for the travel industry that needs to be addressed too.

The features that enable your business to spring up are:

Control over managing bookings

Earlier travel agencies had to accomplish paper works on a daily basis to keep a record of each booking process. Now, from searching existing booking to tracking complete details, day to day work report of each agents and suppliers, to modifying bookings to force cancelling, adding new features and mark-ups,  B2B White Label takes all the charges upon itself and manages all your daily records and provide you whenever you require to look at them.

Simplify the search and booking process

When you as a travel agent opt for B2B travel portal, you actually facilitate your customers by simplifying the entire search and booking procedure. It reduces the manual task and contains all the amenities and inventories, which are required to make the online travel booking process a hassle-free task.

Manage travel agents in the back office

You don’t need to check the managing details by checking the paperwork as it provides complete control over managing travel agents in the back office. Adding agents, sub-agents, searching agents by ID, code or branch name, activating and deactivating of new and old agents can be done without any trouble.

Managing and mapping destinations

If you are aggregating global travel contents, you need to have a complete control over managing and mapping several locations of each and every place you are providing services to. The countries, cities or the place must be properly mapped either automatically, else allow the agents to get access to do the same by themselves.

In-depth analytic

It allows them to know their top selling holiday destination, hotels, their search to book ratio, their supplier performance, management reports and many more. It gives them complete insight into their business, so that they can plan a strategy to take their business further.

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