Benefits of Getting An Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Can you tell ping pong from butter?

May 29, 2018 By Dan Flinton

I have to chuckle when I talk to someone who hasn’t seriously played table tennis. I hear things like that’s a kid’s game or it can’t be that hard. This is one tough sport. What makes it harder is a lack of room to play. That’s why I’m interested in an outdoor table tennis table.

I’ve had an indoor table for a number of years and it just hasn’t gotten the use I’d hoped it had. Space has always been the primary issue. You need a pretty good sized room or empty basement to accommodate proper play.

Time To Get An Outdoor Ping Pong Table

So, in looking to purchase an outdoor ping pong table, I realized that the elements are definitely against a design of table that you’d find indoors. Basically the whole table has to be different. From the top board to the legs, everything has to resist the elements.

I’m personally thinking that one would have to buy a very high quality outdoor table tennis table to get the proper waterproofing from the elements.

Also, the first thing that I think about when I think about having to have a different material for the table top is the playability. If you’ve played table tennis at all, you will know that the bounce and surface play quite the role in how good you’ll play.

Avoid Tables That Offer Low Bounce Quality

I’m not interested in purchasing an outdoor table tennis table that has too much or too little bounce and has a surface that is hard to keep smooth.

I did search around the Internet quite a bit looking for others opinions in this matter and here’s some of the stuff that I did find interesting.

Going For Metallic Table Top

First off, metallic outdoor table tennis tables have a smoother surface and a bit slower play. Knowing that metal will absorb more bounce, this doesn’t surprise me too much. Also, I read that the spin effect is dampened too. If you play with spin like I do, this does come across as bit of a kill joy.

Also, someone else was commenting about the fact that the Butterfly outdoor table tennis table had a different feel to the bounce and was much lower. Again, a sign of a less rigid table.

Some commented that it’s just better to bring an indoor table outdoors to get the right feel. For someone like me though, that’s a bit tough. Storage when not in use will instantly eat up half of the garage.

I’m also going to look into the ability to either convert an indoor table to an outdoor, or purchase a cover for the indoor that will protect it from the elements when not in play.

I may consider looking into some of the major manufacturers like Kettler, Butterfly and Stiga and see what they can offer me for options in regards to an outdoor table tennis table.

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