Best Front Load Washing machine in India

When it comes to choosing a washing machine for purchase, then you will get confused if to buy a front load or a top load model. And when the decision has been made, then there are some brands to buy from. In India, as far as the model for front load washing machines goes, usually customers try to buy one of the three popular brands, that is, IFB, Bosch or LG. But the other brands are not lagging behind. Yes, we are mentioning about Videocon, Samsung and Whirlpool models. They are yet to entrench themselves firmly as the models for the best front load washing machine in India but have got a minor market share. Okay, without wasting time, let us focus on the models.

1: IFB Senator Aqua SX 8 Kg – One AMong the Best Front Load Washing Machines In India for 2019

Are you an Indian? Then you must feel proud, that IFB is a popular Indian brand. The other brands, LG and Bosch are foreign brands. Usually, the IFB models are known for their long life and durability. If you give the best maintenance service as per the instructions of the manufacturer, then this model can outlast its lifetime. One important feature in this washing machine, you can take notice of is the Aqua Energie. This device is popular for breaking bicarbonates present in water to small crystals. And in turn, the lathering process of water gets increased.

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Are you living in an area where only hard water is available? Then it is better to opt for IFB models as the benefits are more. There will be a reduction in usage of washing powder, the clothes get a proper wash and the consumption of detergent also gets reduced.

Features of This model

1: Just imagine how much clothes can make an 8 kg? You can wash a wide variety of clothes ranging from delicate to hard rugs.

2: This model has the time delay option where you can schedule between 30 minutes to 24 hours.

3: The advantage of buying this model, as per home improvement experts is that it maintains the best wash quality across all wash programs.

4: The washing machine has nearly 15 programs to cater to any type of cloth. For example, you have the options of

5: Silk – to wash the soft silk sarees

6: Curtain – We need not tell you. You can wash heavy draperies as well duvets

7: Cradle Wash – As is the name, you can wash laces, satin and all the delicate materials. Yes, you also have the LCD display to settle options such as the pre-wash, rinse as well as easy iron.

8: Program Repeat – This function makes you not reset the settings again and again.

9: Aqua Energies – With this option, you have the foam control, tub clean function, to ensure the life and durability of the washing machine.

10: Foam-Control – it reduces the formation of foam to increase the quality of washing

11: Ball Valve Technology – The detergent remains inside the drum to improve the wash quality.

The above features make up for the model as one of the best front load washing machines in India.

2: Bosch WAK24264IN

There are many advantages to buying this model. But there is also a disadvantage. You need to have one bit of water pressure for this model to perform the duties. Is the water flow in your home slow? Then reconsider buying this model. Or if you have water problems in your area, then go for another model than the Bosch front load washing machine.

In case, you have the required water pressure in your home, then the Bosch front load washing machine is the best model to opt for. It is popular for its performance. Home improvement experts say that Bosch is always on the path of renovation. In fact, the products are suitable for the Indian market. Usually, the models are known for their low water consumption. It is because of the saree wash program that the model became popular.

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In this model, you also have the Allergy Plus feature for catering to senior persons who suffer from allergies. So, you can wash even the minute allergens and detergents. You can count this model as second among the Best Front Load Washing machines in India.


As per home improvement experts, the Bosch brand is considered one among the best washing machines for a nuclear family comprising of four to six members. The above-mentioned model of Bosch has nearly 14 wash programs and it can run at a maximum speed of nearly 1200 cycles. But the one disadvantage is that the maximum temperature you can get in this model comes to 60-degree Celsius.

Now let us look at some features which this Bosch WAK24264IN contains

1: Speed Perfect – You can check the reduction in time. It comes to 65 percent.

2: Active Water – Checks & keeps into account the water consumption and duration as per the requirement

3: Reload Function – Have you forgotten to add a cloth? Then this function can make you add the cloth in the mid-cycle

4: Drum Clean – This particular feature ensures that the lint and other particles generated from the process are removed to ensure the life and quality of drum.

5: Foam Detection Technology – This feature takes care of extra foam produced in the drum. So, additional water is added not only to dilute but also to expel the foam. 6: This feature is useful to help expel the stain and maintain a high wash quality.

7: Eco perfect – With this feature, you can make the adjustment for temperature and duration of the wash cycle to enhance the optimal performance.


You can consider the LG model as one having the most features. They are known for their performance and many wash programs. Right from properly washing the baby clothes to large bed sheets, you can have the wash programs for every member of the family. This model definitely finds a mention as one among the Best Front Load Washing machine in India.

One of the main advantages of purchasing the model is its customer care service. They are found to be prompt and helpful in case of emergencies.
Model features

This model has a low price and the differences with the old model of LG FH0B8NDL22 is very minimal. But please note the number of wash programs – you will be surprised. There are nearly 13 wash programs such as duvet, skin care, baby care, cotton, mix, easy care, and cotton large.
Yes, in every washing machine you can modify the temperatures. It is the same with this LG version. You can make the modifications right from cold, 20 degrees to 95 degrees. The other temperatures in the fray are 30, 40 as well as 60 degrees.

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Let there be any feature in the washing machine. But what is your basic need? The quality of washing, right? There is a 6D washing system to take care of the filtration, stepping, scrubbing, tumble, rolling as well as swing option.

It consists of a full touch control panel similar to any washing machine model.

Direct Drive technology – Unlike some models, the motor and drum are directly connected. No use of belts or pulley. So, less energy gets used and definitely, there will be a reduction in the usage of electricity. Also, you get less vibration and noise.

Last part of Front Load Washing Machine In India

In this article, we have given only three models regarding the best front load washing machine in India. Yes, they have a warranty, and the model mentioned above are known to last their lifetime. But regular maintenance is needed to make them work in top condition. Even after the warranty period.

Now, after the period gets over, you can opt for the services of the best technician via the home maintenance company. For example, you stay in Bangalore. You have a washing machine for maintenance in your home. So you can hire the best technician who is skilled in washing machine maintenance in Bangalore. How? Via the company which provides doorstep repair for home appliance services in Bangalore for electronic appliances. You can solve the challenge with this method.

Have you read the article on the best front load washing machine in India for 2019? For more information on home appliances, you can visit our website on regular occasions to know about recent developments.

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