Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses For Video Game Characters On Halloween

What have you decided to wear for Halloween when the time comes? You haven’t? Well, you should start deciding from now as you know time flies and Halloween would be on your doorstep in a blink. So, I hope your costume idea would not be another Avengers or Marvel character. Try to improvise as we have got some really amazing ideas for you and with the help of some Halloween contact lenses you can get your horror video game character costume rocking this Halloween.

Below is a list of some really amazing and disturbing horror video game characters. And when it is time for Halloween the help of Halloween contact lenses UK will totally improvise your costume and make the Halloween party yours to dominate.

1. Alma Wade from F.E.A.R

F.E.A.R is one of the best horror video games of all time. Released back in 2005 and bringing us one of the scariest video game characters in Alma Wade. A dead demonized little girl coming back to take her revenge. 

The story is pretty much similar to that of Samara Morgan but the appearance of Alma Wade is much more gruesome if you ask me.

It is pretty easy to dress up as Alma Wade, a red dress and black hair almost covering the face and some face makeup to pale the face as though you are dead. After that comes the real part of the costume, the red bright coloured contact lenses or the red Sclera lenses to add life to this costume.

2. Mr Scratch – Alan Wake

Alan Wake is one of the top horror thriller video game of this decade. A game based on the character of Alan Wake who is presumed dead. With this, a man named Mr Scratch or better known as Herald of death calls himself Alan Wake, as he looked almost identical to him but appears more devious and his actions relate to his devilish looking face.

It is the perfect costume for Halloween, you can dress up as the murderous Mr Scratch by wearing a black suit and styling your hair perfectly. Add the magic touch with some blackout Halloween contact lenses and you are good to go.

3. Ruvik – Evil Within

Another top of the line video game that has been regarded as one of the best horror games of all time. If you ask me it is quite scary and the antagonist in this game, who is known as Ruvik as worth your Halloween costume inspiration.

Ruvik looks like a walking cadaver as he has a lot of burns and scars. As he is so thin he looks quite the disturbing figure. A mentally disturbed figure who has possibly experimented on himself. His demeanour and facial appearance are enough to scare anyone away.

For the costume, you need proper makeup with making you face as white as though you are dead and the whole body with scars and burns, especially half of the face. Make sure you get a white robe with a hoody. Now when you want to complete the costume the best thing would be to use the special effect of Halloween coloured lenses. With this costume, you can use either the blood-red contact lenses or the very special black sclera contact lenses. The look would be spine chilling.

4. Laura Victoriano Reborn – Evil Within

Laura Victoriano who happens to be another villain from the Evil Within. This girl, in particular, had a very troublesome life and with so many experiments on her, she is reborn with the fire of vengeance. With the looks she has, they are too scary to digest.

To be perfectly clear she is brought back by her brother and she has claws and a very damning appearance to boost.

For the costume, you would need to make your body look completely pale and attach some fake claws all over your back to bring the costume to completion. But, before you head out you would need to bring the costume to life with your Halloween contact lenses. I would suggest the use of blind white contact lenses to provide a blood-freezing appearance.

5. Kratos – God of War

Kratos is quite the popular game character, after all being the protagonist of the game God of War is not something you can ignore. Kratos is a great character and a very popular costume for people who are involved in cosplay and other such events. Kratos costume is pretty awesome for Halloween if you ask me. A man against the mythical Greek Gods and who has a very scary appearance as a warrior. If you could get the dress right and the face paint all there remains is the eye contact lenses. Whiteout or blind white contact lenses would do just fine.

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