Family Balancing

Family balancing: A technology breakthrough helping couples procreate healthy off springs

The practice of gender selection through reproductive technologies has proved to be a major boon for parents. Although pre-selecting the gender of an embryo has been a divisive issue since time immemorial, the practice has been able to give couples a chance to plan their families in a better way. The practice of family balancing is both medically indicated and exclusively elective.

How family balancing is performed?

The practice of family balancing is carried out through sperm sorting and IVF with a PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis). PGD is a diagnostic process that involves screening a single cell in the embryo and evaluating it for any possibilities of genetic anomalies or chromosomal disorders.

How is the practice of family balancing likely to help couples?

1. It gives a couple the option to plan a family.

Perhaps one of the positive sides of opting for gender selection is the opportunity of would-be parents to raise the number of children they want.

2. It is a recommended option for parents with genetic disorder

For parents with a genetic predisposition to certain medical conditions like Down syndrome, muscular dystrophies, etc.(which can be passed onto the children), it is advised to go through family balancing, to mitigate the chances of the abnormalities being passed on to the children.

3. It makes parents mentally and physically ready for their children

Proponents of gender selection also find it practical to know the gender of the baby of an expectant mother so it will be easier for them to get ready for the coming newborn.

4. It makes parents more caring and affectionate towards the child

Through gender selection, parents can develop the best of their nurturing instincts towards the child. If a family already consists of four boys and the parents want a girl, being given the chance to choose the gender of the next child, with the possibility of making their wishes come true will make the family happier.

5. Can prove to be emotionally healing for parents who have lost a child

For some proponents of gender selection, the pain of a couple who have suffered death in the family, say, a child, can be relieved if they will be able to conceive a child with the same gender as the child they lost.

The privilege of family planning has brought the blessing for thousands of couples to conceive healthy babies, attaining peace of mind and happiness in life.

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