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Fashion Bags – How to Spot an Authentic From a Replica Handbag

Buy authentic fashion bags not a replica handbag, but how do you spot a real one? More and more people are being scammed into paying for fake designer handbags. The purses are looking more and more real is one reason. Another reason is the fact that either you are too busy or the person who bought it for you was too busy to examine the high fashion bag carefully. Read on to find out how you can spot a real one from a fake one.

Look at and feel the leather of the purse. Does it feel soft to the touch? Real authentic leather feels soft and smooth. If the leather is hard and does not bend easily, then it is a replica handbag. Now when it comes to a canvas and other material which is harder to judge between real and fake, you will have to do your best. See how it feels as well, does the material feel like it is cheap and will fall apart at any minute? Authentic fashion bags are made of excellent materials; you will know the difference between a real one and a fake one just by the feel.

You should also examine the logos on the fashion bags carefully. The trademark of the designer is where it is all at. The trademark of designer handbags is how you tell one top designer from another. The trademark distinguishes how classy the bag truly is. The trademark tells others that you are wearing a high fashion bag of obscene wealth and style. The trademark holds a lot of history in its’ name, which goes back for generation after generation. So sift through the logos for any little inconsistencies. Make sure that they are positioned properly and are not slanted or different in any way from the true brand name.

Check for anything hanging off of the zippers. Make sure you know if the fashion bag’s brand is supposed to have a logo on the zipper or not. Replica handbag will try to fool you into thinking the logo is supposed to be there when it is not supposed to be. Also, take a look at the stitching to see if it was straight. So make sure you know all about the designer and how they stitch and style their handbags. Designer fashion bags do not have crooked stitching. Be sure to take the time to look at this fine detail.

Feel for the satin material inside the purse with the brand’s name inside on it. Now the brand name may not be inside all of the authentic handbags, but they are in many. Make sure it does not say “Authentic Brand Name” either because that is a big sign; it is a replica handbag. Top designer fashion bags do not say the actual word “authentic” anywhere on the bag. Speaking of anywhere, read the description of the tag inside the bag as well. Take note if it says authentic or the designer’s name.

100% Designer Fashion Bags

Check the purse website for their return policy. Make sure they have a 100% guarantee return policy. Otherwise, they are selling replica handbags. Also, look for an address and telephone number and make sure you can call the number because fake companies will put up a fake address and number to scam you. Make sure you are buying from a reputable online company. Be sure to check the reviews and high ratings. And again the return policy, make sure it is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Of course, if the price sounds too good to be true, then it usually is too good to be true. Yes, we all want to buy that bag for $25, but it is not reality. Instead, you will just be losing that $25 or more, and that is the hard reality. Go to the designer’s websites, know the real prices. Then don’t expect to find fashion bags for extremely low prices; they are not out there. Keep reminding yourself of this fact; you do not want to be scammed into buying a replica handbag. Take heart though; you can find authentic cheap handbags.

You are best off buying fashion bags right from the designer’s website of course, but often the prices are so high you cannot bear to pay the price. Take another peek occasionally, and they can have pretty good sales going on. Check when the seasons are changing, when the designers have to sell their bags quickly to make room for the new ones. Yes, you will own a purse that is a little out of date, but barely. Do you care that much? If you want a true bargain, then you should not care that much. These designer handbags are still in style anyway though, because they are your beloved favorite designer. And they are in style still, because you love them, so go ahead and buy that fashion bag.

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