Follow these pointers and move instantaneously with movers and packers

Few people move in search of a job opportunity, few to live a better life and few to stay connected to their loved ones. Whatever the reason may be, the outcome is same in all situations and i.e. relocation. It is a nerve racking task that involves pre planning, post planning and many more though. In short it surrounds a person with incalculable formalities and responsibilities.

Here I will be sharing few steps that will convert the hectic process of relocation into an easy-peasy process.

Search for an authentic packers and movers- The most essential requirement for a successful move is to opt for an authentic company and selecting among the various options can be a quite daunting task. Therefore, to get it right; look and shortlist some of the moving companies, ask for the price quotations, compare them, enquire about the services and other essential details they are offering for a secured shipment and hire the desired company for your move.

Prepare a list of the articles to be carried along- Make a list of the items that are needed to be taken along, dispose, donate or sell the articles that are no longer required. Differentiating the articles by this method will give you clarity about the size of the consignment and on that basis the hired professional will give you the estimate of the precise amount to be paid.

Secure the important bills and documents- Make a handy bag to safeguard all the important bills and documents. It will help you to get them placed at one place and they can be carried easily in the whole journey.

Clear the outstanding dues- Before leaving your old residence clear all the bills for water, electricity, internet, DTH and other services that you have been using.

Discontinue the services that are no longer required- Disconnect the services like cable connections, internet connections, DTH and other utility services that are no longer required.

Protect your jewelry and other ornaments- Such precious things are not packed by the hired professionals. You have to carry them personally in the whole journey so it is suggested to secure them in a separate bag that you can carry along.

Complete few minor tasks- Defrost your refrigerator, drain your washing machine, remove fixtures and fittings from the walls, empty the filled cylinders etc.

Run a final check- After completing all the tasks, take a final round of your entire house and look if anything is left out to be added in the list, something is required to be disposed or sold, all the pending payments are cleared and other necessary things.

Note: Foodstuffs, perishable items, filled cylinders and hazardous items (kerosene oil, alcohol) are not allowed to be carried along, do not add them into the list.

Proceed and plan your move with movers and packers and say good bye to all the moving hassles.

Have a flourishing move!

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