Foosball Buying Guide-Need to Consider

Foosball soccer is a game that can provide years of amusement for family and friends. It has become one of the most recreational plays over a period of times. So, it would be a great addition to an existing game room has a foosball table. Besides, if you are fairly new in this area, you can also step forward to have a foosball table for your new game room. But when you start roaming to purchase a foosball table, you’ll find a lot of options available in the market. They come in different sizes, constructions, features, and many more criteria. So, when you go for purchasing one of the best foosball tables, you’ve to consider some major factors for getting the best value of money.

There are different brands are available in the market which has been producing different foosball tables for many years. Some of them are suitable for kids, some are considered for intermediate players and adults. So, when you desire to pick a best foosball table available in the market, please look over the following specs.


There are different sizes of foosball tables around the market. If you want a standard size foosball table, you need to consider the dimensions of 56-inches long and 30-inches wider table. One important thing is that the width is excluded with fully extended rods. So, if you’re running out of space or want a table for narrow space in your home, try to get the width including the extended rods. On average, foosball experts recommend having a playing space must be of 7 feet by 8 feet for your standard size foosball table.

Goalie Configuration

If you notice a foosball table before, you might find it either a single man goalie or three-man goalie setup. A question may arise in your mind which goalie configuration is better? No need to worry about it. It is just a matter of preference. You’ll find the tables in the USA are three-man goalies while most in the UK come with single-man goalies.

If you want a fast-paced game, you can go with three-man goalie configuration. Besides, If you want more skill and precision control rather than fast-paced, you can choose a single-man goalie setup. Even the most high-end tables come with three-man goalie setup and you can easily convert them to a single-man goalie setup.

Counterweighted Men

Intermediate and professional players love this feature. You can get a better gaming experience because of counterweighted men. What they do actually? It’s simple- you can place them horizontally which means you can make your shot without being worried as they don’t block your shots. So, it’s a pleasure to have counterbalanced players on the playing rods.

Table Levelers

This is another useful feature that will make your game fair and smooth. So, when you purchase a foosball table, try to choose the table that comes with levelers. You will find different table levelers but all they have the basic function.

Playing rods

You shouldn’t compromise with the playing rods that are made of steel. Before buying a foosball table, you should consider something with steel rods. Hollow steel rods provide fast-paced game and they are the best since they are not as heavy. You’ll find that most high-end tables use hollow rods like Tornado. Remember one thing, solid steel rods are also great. There is nothing wrong with them. But the hollow rods are light in weight and really boost your game speed.

Table Surface

The ball will travel smoothly if you have a table that has a harder and flat surface. You always prefer to have a table with a laminate finish instead of a slick surface. Because it can peel and roll while playing. Most American tables have a smooth and hard finish playing surfaces which ensure faster ball moving during play. But many European tables come with solid wood finishes that result in slower ball travel. If you really want a better gaming experience and want to play like a pro, you prefer to have a table like a Tornado table.


You’ll find the tables in different price ranges because of their construction materials. The tables come with solid wood, particle board, composite materials. Of course, some of the highest quality tables come with solid wood and the lowest quality with particle board. But composite stands between them. It is not affected by humidity and won’t warp whether the solid wood tables may be harmed by humidity if they are kept in a humid climate or humid room. You’ll find cheap particle board tables that easily break down. We suggest you avoid these tables.

According to Player Skill Level

Anyone can purchase a foosball table according to skill level. If you’re going to purchase a table for yourself, family members or friends, you should look down the best foosball tables.


If you’re roaming to buy a table for your kids, you can pick a tabletop model which will be the best choice. They are smaller versions of regular tables and are very cheap.

But if you’re shopping for teens who are fairly new to this game, you can buy them a cheap particle board table. It won’t cost much money and later you can upgrade it to a mid-level table that provides the quality you desire. You can also sell your cheap used table on Craigslist.


For intermediate players, you can go for mid-level tables. They are considered heavy duty tables with quality features. If you spend around $500, you will get a good quality table that provides solid steel rods, smooth playing surface, durable construction, and some high-end features.


If you want a table for serious foosball player, you need a table that has the best quality, all of the high-end features is durable and is built to last. This professional table looks great in your arcade or gaming room. It has hollow steel rods, sturdy cabinet, solid legs, and many many more features. Moreover, the playing field is flat and smooth and everyone has a dream to play.


I assure you if you keep in mind these aspects before buying a foosball table, you will get a money worthy foosball table that will stand for long.

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