Generator Transfer Switch for Safety

Generator transfer switch allows for quick and automatic switching between two or three power sources. The transfer takes only a few seconds and prevents financial losses. When we invest our money into communication devices and home appliances we also have to take care of these assets. In order to protect these devices and appliances from malfunctioning and failure, we have to buy a good quality generator that is made in the USA.

There are many dealers you can find online that sell generators made in various parts of the world. Since you do not know much about these manufacturers and their standards, it is best to ignore their very lucrative offers as these devices are not reliable and not made according to the American standards.

Almost all American households like to rely on locally manufactured goods as refunds and exchanges are easy when you are buying local. Generac, Briggs and Stratton and Kohler are popular brands that have a good market share. These companies design their latest models based on the changing needs of the American household. Emergency backup generators, portable generators, whole-house generators, and industrial generators can all be bought with residential and commercial warranties and after-sales service. Technical support helps you keep the equipment for longer. The generators will give you high performance and in many cases will help you cut the expense on electric bills. Save on money when you buy the right unit for your application.

During storms and hurricanes when the electricity goes out you can stay in the dark or the cold only a few hours after which it gets frustrating. Kids begin to feel upset and babies start to cry. To keep the family comfortable indoors, it is good to buy a reliable unit for your house. If cost is no concern and you have an air conditioner or two then take a look at the whole house generators. If you live alone in a one or two bedroom house then a small propane/gas unit will be fine.

If you also like to go out camping and fishing on a boat, buy a portable unit that will serve as a very good companion on outdoor trips. The new Yamaha and Honda portable inverter models are worth a look. These have the good sine wave that protects the sensitive equipment from surges and hence, do not damage the internal circuitry which is very delicate. If you want to power a sump pump buy a 2000 watt model. Those who want to use the generator to run their small furnace need at least a 5000-watt unit. For larger furnaces, a 6500-watt unit will be ideal.

To power up, all appliances and air conditioners of a 3 to 5 bedroom house buy a 20000-watt unit. Such generators are called the whole house generator as they produce ample power to run all appliances of the entire house. The branded units from Generac and Kohler work very quietly. All Kohler units come with transfer switches. With Generac, you have the option of buying one that is transfer switch enabled or one that comes with the transfer switch.

The generator transfer switch allows the generator to turn itself on and off when the power from the grid goes out and comes back on. This device has to be wired with your electric panel so it can run automatically. Before the automatic versions, the manual versions were very popular.

These had to be manually turned on and off. With advancements in technology, the generator transfer switch got modified. It includes a control panel that senses the grid power outage and initiates procedures to start the generator’s engine. After the generator reaches the proper voltage and frequency the control system passes a signal to the switch to transfer from the regular source of power to the generator.

To obtain instant backup power the automatic transfer switch uses time delays. This ensures the electricity it is supplying is clean and has the right voltage and frequency. This way an ATS also protects your electronic devices. The control panel has sensors that provide information on voltage and frequency. It makes sure the generator can take the load before it transfers it. It is connected to the backup power source all the while. The manufactures ensure their devices meet city, state and federal codes.

The manual switches are less expensive than the automatic ones and require you to access the switch when there is a power failure. It is easy to manage the generator load with the manual switches and this prevents overloading. These devices also have less moving parts and are less complicated to set up as they do not require computer software.

On the other hand, the automatic transfer switch keeps everyone safe as you do not have to worry about going out in the dark to turn it on. All the hospitals, campuses, and data centers now use the ATS for seamless transfer of power between two sources of electricity. In large campuses, where there are several buildings that use power generated by more than one or two generators an ATS works reliably. It uses software to function efficiently.

All work environments are now powered. The use of phones, fax machines and computers are essential to running an office. The industries also have machines and plants that cannot function without electricity. A power outage of a few minutes can mean a big loss. Hence, an automatic generator transfer switch is ideal for all such businesses and also commercial establishments such as stores and gas stations.

The generator transfer switch can be used with portable generators as well. There are many makes that offer portable units that are transfer switch enabled. You can get one that has the NEMA 3R rainproof power inlet box to keep the connections safe and allows you to mount it at versatile locations. If you are not familiar with the type of transfer switch that is right for your generator, get online and chat with a sales rep. They will serve as a good source of reliable information so you can make the best choice.

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