High Blood Sugar, Diabetes, and Your Body

When you’ve got diabetes, your blood sugar (aka blood glucose) stages may be constantly high. Over time, this may damage your frame and result in many other issues.

How a lot of sugar in the blood is an excessive amount of? And why is excessive glucose so bad for you? Here’s a have a look at how your tiers affect your health.

What Are Normal Blood Sugar Levels?

They’re less than a hundred mg/dL after no longer consuming (fasting) for at least eight hours. And they are much less than one hundred forty mg/dL 2 hours after ingesting. Read More About sugar balance herbal supplement

During the day,

tiers tend to be at their lowest simply earlier than food. For the general public without diabetes, blood sugar levels earlier than meals hover around 80 mg/dL. For some humans, 60 is normal;

What’s a low sugar level? It varies widely, too. Many human beings’ glucose won’t ever fall underneath 60, despite extended fasting. When you weight-reduction plan or fast, the liver continues your ranges every day by means of turning fats and muscle into sugar. A few human beings’ ranges can also fall really lower.

Sugar and Your Body

Why are excessive blood sugar stages horrific for you? Glucose is valuable fuel for all the cells in your body while it is a gift at ordinary levels. But it could behave like a slow-appearing poison.

High sugar tiers slowly erode the ability of cells in your pancreas to make insulin. The organ overcompensates and insulin degrees live too high. Over time, the pancreas is completely broken.

High tiers of blood sugar can motive modifications that lead to a hardening of the blood vessels, what medical doctors name atherosclerosis.

Almost any part of your frame can be harmed by way of too much sugar. Damaged blood vessels reason troubles along with:

Kidney disorder or kidney failure, requiring dialysis


Heart assaults

Vision loss or blindness

Weakened immune gadget, with a greater risk of infections

Erectile dysfunction

Nerve harm, also called neuropathy, that reasons tingling, ache, or less sensation in your toes, legs, and arms

The poor movement to the legs and toes

Slow wound-recuperation and the ability for amputation in rare instances

Keep your blood sugar ranges near ordinary to keep away from lots of those complications. The American Diabetes Association’s desires for blood sugar control in people with diabetes are 70 to one hundred thirty mg/dL earlier than food, and less than a hundred and eighty mg/dL after meals.


Doctors use those tests to discover when you have diabetes:

Fasting plasma glucose takes a look at.

 The physician tests your blood sugar degrees after fasting for eight hours and it’s higher than 126 mg/dL.

Oral glucose tolerance test.

After fasting for 8 hours, you get a unique sugary drink. Two hours later your sugar degree is higher than two hundred.

Random check.

The doctor tests your blood sugar and it’s better than 2 hundred, plus you’re peeing greater, always thirsty, and also you’ve gained or lost a considerable quantity of weight. He’ll then do a fasting sugar stage check or an oral glucose tolerance check to confirm the analysis.

Any sugar tiers higher than ordinary are bad. Levels that can be higher than every day, but no longer achieving the factor of complete-blown diabetes, are called prediabetes.

According to the American Diabetes

Association, 86 million human beings inside the U.S. Have this condition, which can lead to diabetes in case you don’t make healthy lifestyle modifications that your health practitioner recommends. Moreover, It additionally increases the danger of heart disorder, despite the fact that not as much as diabetes does. It’s viable to preserve prediabetes from turning into diabetes with an eating regimen and workout.

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