Home Remodeling: Things You Need to Get Rid of

Some things that start out as new and thrilling can swiftly become worn out, particularly because plenty of homeowners are continuously searching for the most updated decors and trends they can incorporate in their homes. One feature may look awesome in your home right now, but 10 years later, it can make your place outdated and negatively impact resale value.

So if you want your home to be updated, it’s time that you get rid of those trends and dated stuff in your home to put them to rest.


If you have one, please get rid of it. Futons are awful because the more you age, the squishier your bed should be. We don’t need to explain further!


Those TV stands that came with your TV when you purchased them should be gone in no time. You might want to hang them on your wall for a more sophisticated vibe and. This year is the time to be a bit less functional and a bit more decorative.


If they are not necessary, keep them away from your kitchen. But if you’re having a garden party, then you can use them. But if not, just store them in one place that’s not obviously visible in sight.


Dummy plants are really insignificant even if you are not born with a green thumb. It’s better to use air plants that only demand a small supply of water and care to green up any room.


Aren’t we tired of chevron prints? It has completely snatched the design world. At one point, this pleasing pattern may have been fun and entertaining but it has been overused already. So if you have this print on your bedspreads, curtains, pillows, or furniture, it’s time to bid them goodbye. Home builders and designers are suggesting muted tones, geometric, and tropical patterns for replacement of chevron prints. But avoid going in completely one direction, try to mix these prints carefully in little ways such as throw pillows so you may effortlessly and affordably change directions when you get bored of them.


Yes, those huge letters on your walls that are becoming cliché rather than uplifting. But if you like to place a specific statement, then we suggest that you consider adding it in a picture frame and displaying in that manner. At least, if you get tired of it, you can easily swap it for something else without moving the risk of damaged paint.


We’ve seen a lot of this from the past years, especially last 2018. But having a white kitchen can look modern and clean or cold and dull. Doing an “all white” can be really tricky, so pick a white paint with little undertones to warm it up a little. Take note also that whichever white you choose can look entirely different in reality, so don’t just rely on the little paint card for picking.

If you really insist to use white paint in your kitchen, skip the all-white-everything and just paint the upper cabinets white and use a different, darker color on the lower cabinets or island. So if you plan to do white cabinets, go for a darker hue backsplash or floor for an interesting contrast.


This trend has been everybody’s favorite for the past years already. Sure that it’s a great thing to remove the clutter but this doesn’t mean that you are going full-force to simple bare walls and a spacious room furnish with just one folding chair.

What you can do is to furnish your home virtually, meaning, you can sneak in several extra pieces. Don’t hesitate to throw in some of your earthly possessions! Just add some of the stuff you think you really need since a minimalist design isn’t that feasible to some.


Did you know that over 75% in most new houses, granite countertops were used? Well, that was in 2012! Today, homeowners have a lot of lovely options that are more affordable, more practical, and not overused. You can consider quartz countertops over granites instead. Although granite has that natural features of the stone, quartz is more hardwearing.

So before remodeling your countertop, take into consideration options such as marble, concrete, high-end laminate, or butcher block for something more different.

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