How to Avoid The 5 Biggest Hair Mistakes Brides Make

Brides do make hair mistakes when they are least expected to: on their big say. While some err on the front of experimentation, others get it all wrong on dyeing and glazing. You will also find some brides leaving everything for the last minute only to repent later. From the hair cut to washing, from trimming to masking, there’s a lot that can go wrong and stop you – the bride- from having the most beauty hair style on the day when it matters the most. So, it makes sense to pay heed to stylists and avoid those hair mistakes.

Here are some of tips to brides to avoid hair mistakes –

Mistake 1 – Going all out with natural hair

It’s a mistake to stick only with the natural hair when there are extensions available to beautify the appearance and get desired looks easily. No matter how long or thick your hair is naturally, having some hair extensions can help particularly with pinning some hair accessories. Plus, when brides have extensions, they can make any style, whether chignon or undo, look fuller and attractive. This will also save your hair from all the damage that different arrangements and hairstyles can cause. Using some hair extensions can give you the liberty to have that wonderful and lustrous locks you always craved for the big day.

Mistake 2 – Getting a last-minute dye job

It’s always tempting to think of fine-tuning the color of your hair or switch up to different colours just days before the wedding day. You should however avoid this temptation and never get a last-minute dye job else it can stop you from having the dream hair you always wished for the big day. Dyeing can take away the natural lustre and shine of the hair replacing with all the gloss and fizz that can look weird. Any colouring of the hair should ideally be get done at least one to two weeks before the wedding day to set in perfectly and help your hair bounce and gleam like it should.

Mistake 3 – Washing the hair with shampoo

Yes, it’s a mistake to wash the hair with shampoo on the day your wedding is happening. You should rather do the washing a day before to keep the hair in perfect shape and shine on the big way. And if possible, wash it with a restorative hair treatment to add the kind of shine and life you always prefer. Use a balance water bottle that is very light so that you can make the hair color look even more vibrant. Look, not all shampoos in the market are worth the trust and using them on the big day might make the hair lose their lustre and make then dull. So, avoid washing in the last minute and have a great hair style.

Mistake 4 – Get a last-minute cut

You can ask any top hairstylist and the answer would be same: don’t ever get a last-minute hair hot on your wedding day. When you have a fresh cut, the hair ends may not suit up to the style you have planned for the wedding day. Brides should have the hair cut at least four to six week prior to the big day so that hair ends are balanced enough to support any style on the day. Plus, when the hair cut is planned well, you will always have the style of choice supported by shining, healthy and gleaming hair.

Mistake 5 – Doing too much experimentation

When it comes to hair on the wedding day, it’s better not to be too adventurous. The wedding day is definitely not the time to go on an experiment spree with the style, size, length and texture of your hair you never tried before. The focus should be on sticking with the style that you have been wearing for months on to stay confident on the big day. If you try to get some new style in the last minute, it might ruin all the hair style preparation leading up to the day. So, take a cue from a top event management company and stick to the basics to achieve the desired level of success with your hair style and look.

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