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How to Choose the Best Hotel & Hospitality Management Institute in Kolkata

Board exams are over and you’ve been thinking of your next move. Which is the best college for you? Which course is suitable for you? A lot of questions need to be answered. But there are few who have already decided which course to opt for.

If you fall into the category of the people who have already decided which course to join then this piece is ideal for you. And hotel & hospitality management is one of them. This piece is intending on how to choose the best hospitality management institute in Kolkata.

Hotel & hospitality management offers a wide range of employment opportunities. But choosing an institute for studying is not an easy job at all. Hospitality is now world’s largest and fastest growing industry. And studying at a reputed tourism management institute in Kolkata makes it easy to start a career in hotel or tourism industry. Along with parents, many employers also prefer students from reputed institutes.

However, it is also not easy to choose an institute out of so many. Below are the reasons that you should check before taking admission in hotel management institute.

  1. Strong Curriculum

Reputable institutes always provide a hotel management course with a strong curriculum. If you’re looking for specialization, it is better to look for a hotel management course that offers specialization in a specific field of studies like restaurant management, international hotel management or event planning. Such a course gives you specialized knowledge required to excel in your chosen career. This is important as it gives students first-hand knowledge of how things actually run in the industry and this knowledge helps students to be more prepared when they ready to step into the role of their choice.

  • Experienced Teachers

It is always advisable to choose an institute that has good instructors. The instructors should not be good teachers but they should have also a wealth of experience that can be passed on to students. The student to teacher ratio on campus and class size should also be of a proportion that enables instructors to give students individual attention that they require.

  • Course Accreditation

When choosing a course, accreditation plays an important role. You need to find out the accreditation whether the course is recognized or not. Courses with accreditation from Government College carry a lot of values compared to the unrecognized ones.

  • Environment

Hospitality is a global business. Hence, it is really important to gain more cultural knowledge and experience. So when you are choosing a school, make sure the school has sports teams, takes pride in cultural, extracurricular activities. This makes an enjoyable university experience.   

  • Employability

Hotel schools are known as leaders in employability because they provide emphasis on work related skills and knowledge. But that doesn’t mean all schools provide equal career resources and recruitment partner. Hence, it is always ideal to check the employability factor of an institute.   

  • Flexible Schedules

Search for institutes that provide working students with flexible schedules. This is especially required for students who are working and want to gain additional knowledge and skills required to the next level in their career.

  • Traineeship

Experience in practical training is really important for students before joining a full-fledged high standard job. From an employer’s point of view, it reduces them to train a candidate. An institute that provides training or offers a job that provides on-job training should come under the radar of a student.

  • Affiliation With Hotels

There are some institutes that have affiliations with hotels which provide internship opportunities. Such opportunities offer students the exposure what they’ve learned in classrooms. Such affiliations give them the necessary push to start their career.    

  • Graduate Placements

 Not all hotel management school s offer course with graduate placement. It also shows how successful the institute is in placing students in the workforce. It should always be the priority for the institutes to offer work opportunity after graduation.

These are the top areas that a student should keep in mind before choosing a hotel management institute in Kolkata. If you’re an aspiring hotel management student then you should make sure the above points are ticked off before getting admission.

Author’s Bio:  Biplab Das is known to be a consulting expert for professional courses, especially in the tourism industry. He also writes about best hospital management institutes in Kolkata and West Bengal.

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