How To Collect Emails From Websites Online

Digital marketing legend, Neil Patel always say, “Email list is your asset”. A lot of business aspects depends on the size of your email list. But collecting email is really a tricky and annoying process, especially when you don’t have tools like email extractor software which extracts tons of email in a go! Although, the main source of getting valuable and engaged emails is, the visitors landed on your websites looking for a piece of particular information. This is again a very difficult thing which depends on many factors. However, there are some most effective points, which you can easily adapt and get benefited from them.

Make a deal

“Offers and deals always make, highlights a man’s desire”, an offer is something which triggers a human brain with no time, to take necessary steps. This is the oldest, still one of the most effective techniques of marketing. Offer a suitable needy product to the customer which is worthy of sharing email. It’ll also make them long term customers as you’ve already developed a good impression in the beginning.

Remember, never try to offer any other random stuff which not related to that content or searched keyword. No matter how good you’ve offered them, it will consider as a foolish act.

Always ask for an email when the content finishes (or about to)

This is one of the effective and perhaps, the most uncommon technique for asking email from people. Most people just ask for emails in the beginning only, which is a really annoying experience for a person. Imagine, you are in a hurry seeking a piece of particular information as fast as possible, suddenly you click on the desired webpage but can’t read due to an annoying email pop-up. What image will you form for that specific website?

Either you can ask for email, when the reader reaches in the middle or some percentage of the content if you really feel, many people didn’t read the whole content. This is really a humble way to approach. Also, the readers who have to get influenced by your content will get the chance to give their emails.

However, one more significant way is there to collect email from the visitors, exit intent features. Exit intent feature is the most advanced method which displays subscribe pop up when a visitor press exit button to leave that website.  Many latest email software offers you these features. You should definitely try this one!

Conduct valuable webinars

Free webinars are another effective way which surely provides you great benefits. It doesn’t only help to get the email but also triggers the process of lead generation. Videos are more influential than any other formats, who will not want valuable guidance for free.

Always, send a reminder email when the webinar is about to start, thankful emails to the visitors after the webinar has been an end or a direct link to the webinar in case someone has forgotten to watch. Never neglect to maintain scarcity of information throughout this whole process.

This is a field where you will have to perform many experiments from time to time. Perhaps, the best and effective way you are using to ask email might fade after a passage of time. Always have a keen observation of the market, especially on your competitors to know the effective strategies.

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Ashis Kumar is a web developer and digital marketing freelancer and founder of We Bring Ideas who likes to share his ideas through blogging. He has helped many small businesses to improve their online presence.

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