How to Download Xender & Shareit on your PC/Windows 7/8/10 in 2019 ??

We heard everything about the SHAREit & Xender app. These two are applications that we use to transfer files, documents, music, videos, films and much more using Wi – Fi networks between mobile phones, tablets and PCs (personal computer).

For sharing files among two devices, these apps uses WiFi. You can also run this apps on your computer, laptop & for Android, iOS or Windows phone.

We can share files across multiple devices using the xender & shareit app. First, all devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to work with xender & shareit .

But, now the question arises that how you can download shareit or Xender for PC 2019 ??

Well, don’t worry, I am here help you in this. I will explain a step by step guide to download shareit for pc or xender for pc here. Let’s get started it !

How to Install Xender on your PC/Windows 7/8/10 ?

Step 1:

I am ensure that you all know that the app does not have any PC version available at this moment. Hence first you need to install the Android version of the app on your PC by using a good android emulator which is available in internet.

Here are the best of two android emulators.

  1. Bluestacks
  2. Andy

Step 2 :

In this step, you have to install these two apps from the android emulator. Rememember that, these two files are in apk file .

Step 3 :

The first thing you need to do after downloading the app is to right-click the downloaded file and open it using the android emulator software.

The app will be installed on your PC after a while. Now you have to launch the app from the Android emulator app to use the app first. Remember to connect your PC to the hotspot of your Android phone to use the app on your PC.

How to download Shareit For PC ??

The download of Shareit on your personal computer or laptop is an easy process. You can download it on your computer without using an Android emulator like a normal window program. Here are a few easy steps for downloading shareit.

Step 1:

First, go to the official website of shareit

Step 2:

    Next, click on “download” option at the top of that page.

Step 3:

    Next, select the option download for windows.

Step 4 :

    After downloading the app go to the download location on your computer/ laptop and agree to the Lenovo licensing agreement before opening it.

Features of Share IT For Windows/MAc :

Now look at Shareit’s features for iMac and MacBook. The following are the Shareit features for iMac or MacBook computers.

  • High Transfer Rate
  • Multi Platform System
  • Multi Formats
  • No Network Restrictions

High Transfer Rate :

Its speed exceeds 20 Mbps. The application’s high-speed enables files to be transferred and received from other devices in a short period of time.

Multi Platform System :

On any platform, it can work. If you want to connect between them, you don’t have to have the same type of device.

Multi Formats :

It supports all file formats. You can receive any type of file using Shareit from one device to another device.

No Network Restrictions :

To share files from one device to another, you don’t need a network connection.

Woah , you knew all the steps to download/install Xender & Shareit for pc . Right ?

I hope this short article must help you while you are installing xender & shareit for pc 2019. Do let me know if you have any other queries or questions or faced any problems while installing these two superb sharing apps on your pc in comment box below.

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