How to land a great job in this competitive market?

It is the dream of everybody to have a great job and live his or her life in comfort. However, it is easier said than done as millions of others are sharing the same dream. It is a very highly competitive market where only the most skilled individual with great experience is chosen by the company so as to reduce any investment they have to make in their training. In short, companies hire only those people on which they have to spend as little as possible to make them productive for the company. Therefore, you have to get a degree or diploma in a course for which the companies are willing to pay a premium to hire.

Whenever you open your newspaper you would have noticed that government jobs are shrinking rapidly, on the other hand, jobs in the private sector are expanding steadily. Therefore, instead of waiting for the elusive government job, we suggest that you look for private jobs in Punjab (or any other place where you live).

While government job gives you a lot of security, if you are able to land a lucrative private job, then the amount of remuneration you will get will far exceed what a government job is able to give you. In India, if we look at the growth trajectories of different industries then we will find that one sector which is booming is the travel and tourism sector. India is also called a subcontinent because it offers a great variety of flora, fauna, cultures and different geographical features which only a continent can offer. This makes India a highly attractive tourist destination for foreigners.

In the recent decade, the footfall of foreign tourist in India has increased dramatically and this trend is going to continue for years to come. To cater to this increased demand for tourists in different parts of India, the industry is looking for highly skilled people. If you want to utilise this opportunity and earn a healthy living, then we suggest that you do a BSC in Hotel Management from a reputable institute. Hotel Management degree will give you a greater idea about how this sector works and what are its challenges and how you should meet them.


If you are not interested in serving in the hotel industry but are looking for a high flying corporate job in any other sector, then you can do an MBA degree. To do that, we suggest that you look for the best MBA colleges in Punjab (or any place else where you live) and get yourself and enrolled there. Make sure that the college has a great infrastructure, gives you practical experience by providing you internship in any company. It should also have highly qualified faculty members with years of experience.

While there are many colleges that teach MBA courses, there is only a handful which has created a huge reputation in the market by teaching those courses which are in sync with the recent demand in the industry. For this reason, only the students of such institutes are preferred by the industry captains who are looking to induct highly skilled managers at the floor level and mid-level of the organisation.


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