How to Stay Away from Moving Scams and Fraudulent Movers and Packers?

“To stay away from fraudulent movers and packers, kindly give this blog a good read”.

We all listen about moving scams, right? Still, people are not careful while choosing their moving company and there is not much awareness about the same. There are so many types of moving scams such as overbilling, delayed delivery of belongings, no insurance coverage, theft of goods, low quality of moving materials, etc.

So if you are going to move soon and are looking for moving and packing services in Miami, then be careful. Do not fall into the trap of any inefficient movers and packers. To make it easier for you, I have written this entire blog focusing on moving scams. Don’t let them fool you and go away with your hard-earned money.

Here are a few signs of such companies:

Low Bid

When you are getting quotes from companies, ensure that you are getting them from four to five companies. This way, you will have an idea about the market standard and won’t get excited by lucrative and fraudulent cheap moving rates. Do not fall into this easy trap! Later, the same movers would demand a lot more money than promised because they have hidden charges. They even threaten customers to not deliver the goods if they don’t pay the money. Innocent customers easily get fooled by low estimates. They might charge extra in the name of packing materials, manpower, extra work or additional services, time taken to move from current to the new house, etc.

The Upfront Deposit

There are also long distance moving companies in Miamithat would ask you to deposit a huge amount in the very beginning. Well, the movers can ask a nominal amount in the very beginning but a lump sum means red signal. Do not fall for that company at all. Be attentive and research well about the company before even calling them. Ask in social media platforms; search the internet, take help from sites like BBB and Yelp, etc.

Also, pay in cheque when you are giving the nominal amount. Yes, this is yet another way to stay away from moving scams and identifying them.

Unclear Contract or Blank Contract

Read each line carefully before signing the contract. And ensure it contains every point, such as the estimated price, services offered, packing materials, the date of delivery, coverage and more. Make sure that there is no mention of hidden fees or phrases such as “Terms and conditions apply” in faded fonts.

Never ever sign a contract which is unclear or blank! If you do not understand even one line, don’t sign the document.

The contract should be printed on the company’s official letterhead.

No Insurance

If you are moving from one place to another, insurance is important. A good company will enlighten you about the coverage, etc.

However, there are many long distance moving companies Miami that will take the money but not cover the items. Get a clear idea about the insured items, the conditions, etc.

Casual Phone Etiquette

Professionalism says it all about the company. If the phone calls are too casual or if they provide vague answers to your queries, then you must not hire the company. Legitimate packers and movers will answer your call in the best possible ways; clear your doubts, etc. A small interaction can disclose loads about such a company.

Lack of Proper Office

If the company does not have a proper office, then it would be better not to hire the company.

It is always better to visit the office once personally.

No Breakup of Estimate

Movers and packers provide estimates in the very beginning but it is important for them to provide the break-ups of the same as well.

No Logo on Moving Truck

There are many scammers that don’t have trucks of their own. They hire third-party trucks and thus, there is no logo on the trucks. Watch out for the same.

Now that you know it all, I hope you will be able to choose good yet cheap movers Miami.

Author Bio: To know about moving and packing services provided by cheap movers in Miami, read Alex’s blogs. Read his articles to know more about long distance moving companies in Miami.

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