Important Equipment for Billiard

Important Equipment for Billiard and Snooker

If it comes to cuesports like swimming, snooker or billiards, here’s the basic equipment you will need to get started.

Important Equipment for Billiard


The colors and size of the chunks used in cuesports vary between the pool, billiards and snooker. At a pool, the size of this ball is approximately 2.5 inches in diameter and there are two types of object balls beside the traditional white cue ball.  

The two sets include seven solid-colored numbered balls and seven striped numbered balls, in addition to a black 8 ball. The colors include orange, brown, yellow, green, blue, red and purple. In snooker, there is one white cue ball and 21 colored balls.  

These 21 colored balls include 15 red balls and six different colored chunks of pink, black, blue, green, brown, and yellowish. Best billiard balls are made from ivory but nowadays all balls are made from the plastic material.


The size of this table used for snooker and billiards are indistinguishable, measuring around 3.5 meters by 1.8 meters. However, the table used for pool usually measures 2.75 meters by 1.37 meters, however, the dimensions of pool tables may vary greatly. All the tables have pockets together all four corners of the table, as well as two pockets lengthwise, at the middle of the table.


A triangle rack is utilized in both snooker and pool, so for the balls to be stored in the proper triangle formation before the game starts. However, in the event of a swimming pool, there are two types of racks — that the triangle rack for 8 ball pool and the diamond-shaped rack for your nine-ball pool. The rack is removed before the onset of the game.


There are no genuine fixed dimensions for the cue sticks used in all three distinct cuesports but the normal length steps approximately 58 inches and tapers down to a ferrule (tip) of approximately 0.5 inches(diameter). In snooker, the ferrule of the cue is smaller in comparison.


Not compulsory equipment but most pool players nonetheless use chalk during the game. Chalk is used on the tip of the cue, and usually before every shot that the player takes. This is so the friction between the cue and the ball is increased and hence improving the efficacy of this strike.


A mechanical bridge, or rake, is sometimes utilized to encourage the cue when a player takes a shot, or to aid the participant in a shot where the ball is too far away for the hand to work as a bridge. Much like the chalk, this bit of equipment is discretionary.

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