IPL: Boon or Bane to cricket

Cricket is the game of passion where sports lovers indulge themselves completely in the game. People travel from one part of the world to second just to watch a cricket match and support their respective team. In places like India, cricket is sort of a religion for the fans. You can easily find a huge fan support and spectators rush in domestic games too. The popularity of cricket is getting higher day by day. And this popularity is common for all teams and formats of the game.         

If we talk about history, then it was all started way century back. Some Britishers started this game only for their entertainment purpose. They used to play this game in the morning time to rejuvenate themselves. But look at now, this form of sport is now rejuvenating the whole world with its drastic resonance. In the era of 19th and 20th century, this sport developed its various aspects. The longer format turned into limited over format and in the starting of 21st century, the term of t-20 cricket also came into existence.  


So, coming to the main topic of T-20 cricket, they say the phenomena of fastest cricket has changed the cricketing world completely. It means t-20 cricket has made impossible to possible. And the major turn-around comes with the domestic tournaments of world cricket. Here, we are going to dissect one of the most cherished and popular tournament of world cricket, called Indian Premier League and widely uttered as IPL.

Indian Premier League (IPL)

The basic concept or we can say speculation was started at the time of 2007, after the t-20 world cup. Because when India was drastically suffering from the pain of the 50-over world in 2007, the triumph of t-20 world cup had rejuvenated the whole Indian fans. The world cup winning performance and the inaugural title came under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. So, after this world cup win, India had really started to speculate about the shorter format of the game, and this conceptualization has changed the trend of Indian cricket.         

After the world cup success, then vice-president of the Board of control for cricket in India (BCCI) proposed the concept of Indian premier league and successfully launched it in 2008. Basically, the concept of Indian premier league was the alternative option of Indian cricket league, which was not approved by the BCCI officials. But from that period of time, IPL has become the major source of entertainment for cricket lovers in India. It has drastically changed the fashion of Indian cricket and their mentality towards the game.

Working process

Like the other popular tournaments of world sports, the IPL shows the work process of a franchise system. This concept was adopted from the popular leagues like the English Premier League and the world famous National Basketball Association (NBA). The process consists the auction, where several franchises make a bid on the favourite players and opt them under the contract. Every franchise represents the different states or city of India. In the initial year of the IPL, the auction base price was around 400 million, but it went on almost 750 million.               

Overview of IPL and its features

They say that this is the most corrupt league of world cricket which is destroying the gentlemen’s game. Few groups are saying that this kind of shorter format is decreasing the charm of test cricket. And some others are saying that there is too much cricket going on and players need rest for the international tournaments. So, the aphorism says that despite the huge success of IPL, some people are still showing their negative sides and criticizingit badly.

But the fact is, Indian primer league is one of the most popular and awaited cricket tournament in the world and also among the top six leagues of world sport. We can say, IPL is moreover a brand, which is sold internationally.      

In a nutshell, Indian premier league is the best supporting aspect of the Indian cricket and is providing a great platform to the young guns of Indian cricket. So, now we are going to check out some essential features of IPL in terms of Indian cricket.

1) Gives high economic opportunity

This is also one of the imperative aspects of the IPL. IPL runs its overall schedule for 2 months and these few months provide great financial aid to numerous people. This aspect includes the people of management teams, travelling and hospitality members, cricket officials and players and vendors too. These people get humongous financial help during the phase of IPL.    

2) Setting a great example for the other sports league 

The great examples of pro kabaddi league, Badminton premier league and the concept of Indian football league has shown the drastic impact of IPL in other sports leagues. After watching the success of IPL, some other sports leagues are also making their way.    

3) IPL re-defining the concept of unity in India

This is the core aspect of the India Premier League. As the name suggests that this is the sports league of India, and fans support every team with the true spirit of the game.

A star player of Delhi plays for the Kolkata team and triumphs the title for 2 times, a player form Jharkhand plays for Chennai and gets the love of all Chennai people; this kind of spirit and values shows the concept of unity.          

4) Entertainment

Royal Challengers Bangalore Cheerleaders during match 11 of the Vivo IPL ( Indian Premier League ) 2016 between the Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Delhi Daredevils held at The M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore, India, on the 17th April 2016 Photo by Faheem Hussain / IPL/ SPORTZPICS

The assurance of entertainment is the ultimate quality of IPL. 8 teams fights drastically for the IPL trophy, the inclusion of Bollywood stars, international players, and a section of cricket commentary in various languages and yes, some popular fan contest makes this league like a complete package of entertainment.

So, these are the essential features of Indian premier league. Now’ let’s move towards the main part of the article which says IPL: boon or bane. Here, we are going to check out some core benefits and loopholes of IPL.

Apart from this genre, let’s check out some known tidbits about the IPL

A Platform of controversy

Undoubtedly, it is the platform of controversies, from match-fixing to players fight, allegation of a selection process to internal plotting. IPL has been carrying these allegations on its shoulders since its beginning. People say IPL is the main parameter of the selection in the national team of India. And some of the greats of Indian great also mentioned that BCCI prefers the IPL performance more than domestic cricket. Even the greats like MS. Dhoni have also faced the criticism of partiality, for preferring its CSK teammates in National team.  

Undoubtedly, IPLis the core platform of talent and it has produced some exceptional talents for world cricket; but is it right to declare the IPL is the parameter of selection in the national squad? 

A ticket provider for a national squad

Interestingly, despite the allegation of biases and unfair selection this platform produces exceptional talents for Indian and as well as the World cricket too. After the recent announcement of the World cup squad of 2019, the inclusion of Players like Vijay Shankar, Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul describes essentiality of the league.

In terms of foreign players, the limelight of RR’s Jofra Archer says it all. He has completely defined his performance in the ongoing season of Indian Premier League and nearly misses his chance of getting selected for the English’ world cup team.

Platform of re-establishment

After the case of ball-tampering in South Africa, the two players of Australian team again proving themselves and marking their presence with IPL. Despite the dark phase of a year ban by ICC, David Warner and Steve Smith again proving his ability of cricket with the help of IPL. And Warner is among the top run scores of this season of 2019.

Boons of the league

1) The Indian premier league is the platform of domestic and uncapped players. In IPL, they learn the fundaments of high pressure games in big crowds. This quality matures them and develops professionalism.

2) IPL is a great source of talent, produces quality players every year that also helps the BCCI. We have seen that players like Rishabh Pant and current no. one bowler of the Indian team, JaspritBumrah have also made their recognition through IPL.       

3) The financial aspect of the IPL boots the BBCI. It means IPL gives a lot of financial aid to BCCI, which is very useful for developing junior level cricket or empowering women’s cricket.

4) IPL drastically changes the structure of Indian cricket. Now, we have great and highly standards cricket stadiums for the game. The inauguration of Ranchi cricket stadium says it all.

5) IPL thoroughly improves the tourism of the country. Now people are coming from various parts of the world to support their teams or watching the matches.

Banes of the league

1) Some people say that it is the most corrupt and the sport of gambling, where millions of people indulge themselves in illegal activity.

2) It has a history of great controversy. Some negative aspects like match-fixing, scams, fights and many more has created a bad blueprint of this gentlemen’s game.

3) Some allegations like it’s a purely a game of business rather than the sport are taking place- where franchise only makes huge money.  

4) The involvement of the highest judiciary of India has said it all. Two major teams of IPL drastically banned for two years and some international players named for match and spot-fixing shows the darkness of the league.


So, after discussing the all the aspects of the league, the aphorism says that despite the charm and mesmerizing quality of the IPL league, it has some loopholes too. But we cannot ignore its contribution in Indian cricket. We can say that it is the reservoir of the new talent for the BCCI and world cricket.

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