Mobile Gaming Apps Integrated with VR for an Immersive Experience

Smartphones are everywhere and over 2.5 billion people around the world use them. The figure for cellular connections is almost double at 5 billion. And naturally mobile apps are in vogue and it doesn’t seem that even in a decade their popularity will fade. Apps have made smartphones what they are today as with basic programs like Calculator and Organizer, a smartphone would serve no real purpose as compared to a computer. 

We all know that mobile applications are developed, keeping in mind the requirements of the users. You can find a number of users fully immersed in their favorite category like gaming as hundreds of thousands of mobile apps in this concern are available. If we talk of gaming, there is no way we omit the mention of top gaming consoles like Sony’s PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox. These are all top brands and actually are responsible for the gaming craze on mobile. 

Gaming on the Rise

Let’s talk about some interesting figures in this concern. Just the US gaming revenue in the year 2022 is forecasted to reach 230 billion dollars. The use of AI and VR technologies in gaming have made them interesting for people who were not that enthusiastic about them. If we talk about PlayStation VR, it is going to be 3 years old on October 13th and a whole lot has changed since then. 

The market in Dubai in terms of online gaming through smartphones is ripe and trends are showing that it will continue to rise in the coming few years. The use of technology like VR has made a killing at the online markets and sales figures has skyrocketed since then. VR is not just used for game titles as movies and sports are also used in VR to make them look great and offer an immersive experience to the users. 

One example will make you think about the scope of gaming and what it holds for mobile apps in the future.

Conjuring VR Games

If you haven’t heard about the Conjuring franchise, it is about a husband and wife teaming up to take on the spirits and ghosts who scare the hell out of people in their homes and other places. The games are also very scary. Titles like Conjuring 2 VR Experience and The Nun 360-degree experience can be an eerie for anyone going through them, even if they are not a fan of the movies. The use of VR effects spellbound everyone and can leave them shocked and fully entertained at the same time. 

Titles like Iron and other famous titles from the Marvel comics make fans excited. Games being a hit on PS platform and other gaming consoles surely get an app too. That’s where gaming apps are what you need to be developing. In fact, if you search, you will find several companies indulged in mobile application development in Dubai and making a mark for themselves. But do you know exactly how these companies make their app development work, with VR in the focus? 

Read on as I discuss with you some aspects so that you can understand my viewpoint here. 

Making VR work for Mobile Apps 

We all know that any type of goal can be set for and situation, so that the outcome is according to our requirements. There are many aspects for which you need to think about VR integration in the apps as a great way to make them work. App development companies need to think out of the box while coming up with an app having VR capabilities. 

VR integration, if done right, can create games that can rock the mobile app market in their desired timeframe. VR mobile apps are the future, there is no doubt about this. Just how big, only time will tell. 

Final Word

There are a number of reasons for which VR is driving the gaming market crazy. Some of the games are making waves in the industry while a number of them, that are going to release on various platforms, are going to rock the market later this year and in 2020. 

You need to think about what you can do to get a share of this huge market. If you have any questions in this concern, please do not hesitate to ask it from me. In addition, if you can add something valuable to this blog, you are more than welcome. Please use the comments section below in this concern.

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