Nainital – The Best place to visit during Summer

Are you one of the working citizen in the city like Delhi. You probably don’t wanna miss a trip to Nainital during Summer season. Delhi, one of the metropolitan city’s & populated territory & capital of India. During summer you may find the various serious issue which needs to be sorted out. Like electricity, water supply, Traffic, etc. All these issues should be taken care off by the Delhi govt during summer. The development is in progress. Still, I love Delhi but hate summer. What comes in the mind, if someone asked me to visit some of the hill stations. I would say Nainital, Being a delhi guy I love to visit Nainital. As I had visited several times there. The memory of the place flashes in the mind if I hear the word Nainital from Someone’s mouth. If you are planning to visit I would say “visit Nainital”. It’s not an only hill station, but the exquisite scenic environment you can get over there.

You will not only get a good relief from delhi humidity but it relaxes your mood & freshen your mind.

Book your trip to the Nainital as during your visit on the way you will find Bhimtal lake – The lake is said to be made by Bhim( one of Pandav). Bhimtal is the nicest place if you ever visit there. You can do boating over the cold lake with your friends. If you are visiting as a couple then you can give your partner a romantic drive there. Beautiful Mountains, lakes, fresh cold air give your mood a fresh feeling. On the way after bhimtal, Bhowali comes, a small market with tea stall, hotels & restaurants. Busses pass by the route, where the Bus driver takes a break telling his passengers to take a break along to the nearby stalls with Tea & snacks including pakoras, samosas, etc. It’s more convenient for you to visit through a cab or in your own car.

Now departing from Bhimtal around 2-3 hours would take to reach Nainital. After reaching there, you can find many foreigner tourists who hails from their countries to get this wonderful moment of natural beauty.  Now , if you go to the Nainital lake. There you will get white swans swimming on the lake. Folks would love to taking pictures, having selfies with the exquisite lake. You can do boating over there with your friends & lover. It would be fun to boat there with hill view destinations.There are other tourist spots also, which receiving the tourists attraction. The place are too famous fordevi devta temple like Naina Devi, jageshwar dham. It’s a beautiful place to hang out with friends & you can spend your precious time here. Spend few days here, as there are other tourist spots which you will like to go. For the spiritual concern the place grab the folks eyeball. Jageshwar dham is also one of the oldest spiritual destination from centuries ago. It was belived that Adi shankaracharya visited jageshwar dham once. To visit jageshwar dham you have to go almora which was around 95 km far away from nainital. Not far for the spirituality seekers, devotees comes here to take blessings of the almighty. On reaching there you will also go through temples like chitaii devoted to golu devta. Few km ahead, you will reach Jaageshwar dham. Small & big temples are there of all the devi’s & devta’s. Believed to be constructed by the katura’s dynasty. Now, many archaeologists & researchers examine comes here to investigate prehistoric sites.

Not only known for its exotic hilly mountains or lakes but for the spiritual awakening Naintal is the best destination.

The tourist spot provides you accommodation facilities of good hotels. If you looking for a good discount to book a room over there. Then, plunge on the eventual, as Black Friday 2019 is coming,

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