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New Horror Netflix series Typewriter gets the release date

Horror Thriller Film Story  2 and directing revenge, Suzhou has directed the web show Netflix typewriter. The digital platform is constantly appealing to big movie makers. Shahrukh Khan, Karan Johar, Kabir Khan, Vikram Bhatt, Ekta Kapoor, and Farhan Akhtar are already creating web shows. Now Sujoy Ghosh’s name has been included in this list. Sujoy, who directed the horror thriller film ‘Kahaani’, ‘Story 2’ and ‘Revenge’, has directed the web show ‘Typewriter’.


The story of this NetflixIndia typewriter, which will be broadcast on Netflix from July 19, is around the mysterious bungalows Burtej located in Goa. There are many strange things happening suddenly. A group of three children living in the neighborhood and their loyal dogs gather in the investigation to find out these incidents in the walled city. One day the family comes to the house in a house suddenly. There is also a child in it. All three children join him as well. Whether he can take cover from that state, the show is about this. This show will also highlight the importance of friendship.


The horror mystery is set in Goa and is ready a haunted house and a haunted ebook that captures the imagination of a set of wannabe ghost hunters. They need to seize an evil spirit in a villa of their neighborhood. What occurs when a new family action into the Bardez Villa and the villa’s beyond is revealed? In the 15 seconds teaser, a police officer is investigating the case of a sequence of mysterious unnatural deaths round Bardez Villa. The investigating officer unearths a commonplace thing in all the deaths and the digicam zooms to the scary Villa. In the next frame, a woman who’s sleeping wakes up with a startle.

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Typewriter Netflix release date is 19th July 2019 Netflix has loved early success with its nearby manufacturing tasks in India, in which the long-shape series layout is fairly new. Crime series “Sacred Games” is now in the second season. The corporation is now readying cricket-themed drama “Selection Day,” for a Dec. 28 release. Typewriter Netflix trailer is now available on Netflix.

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It is also getting ready a chain adaptation of the “Baahubali” film and ebook franchise, and woman empowerment story “Leila.” Emraan Hashmi is set as the lead of “Bard of Blood,” a political mystery produced through, the production label of Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan by Red Chilies Entertainment.

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Typewriter series cast

Palomie Ghosh, Sameer Kochhar, and Purab Kohli are in the lead role in the show. The role of the children is  Arn Sharma, Aryans Malviya, Mikel Gandhi, and Palash Kamble. Sujoy is considered the superhero of the thriller genre. He was working on this show for quite some time. Due to the lack of censorship on the web, it is being said that a better job is being done. It is to see how Sujoy has been able to use this freedom. Global streaming giant, Netflix has unveiled “Typewriter” as the cutting-edge series addition to its growing slate of Indian unique content. The story of this web series is about a haunted residence which is in the goa.

Story Directions

the typewriter Netflix directed by Sujoy Ghosh, creator, and director of “Kahaani,” the web series is set a haunted residence. When a new circle of relatives and their appealing daughter flow into the haunted home, the crew unearths it tough to balance the needs of school and chores with the renewed urgency of taking pictures the community ghost before it’s far too past due.

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