Adopting a Child in Georgia,

Psychological and Behavioral Issues faced by an Adopted Child

Everything in this world has a positive side and a negative one and no one can deny this fact. Likewise, the children who are been adopted face a lot of psychological and behavioral problems in the later years to come. As small children, they are not aware of their real parents and to what race or religion they belong. But when they grow older and gain insight at that time problems start to develop.

Is Adopting a Child in Georgia Good or Bad?

When people come to know about the difficulties and troubles in Adopting a Child in Georgia; it makes you wonder if you are doing the right thing or not. A question may arise in your mind as parents; whether adoption is a good thing or bad? The answer to this is that the negativity and positivity depend upon different factors.

  1. The reason for the adoption must be taken into consideration.
  2. The household in which the child will go can be a traditional couple, of the same sex, aged or even single.
  3. The type of adoption can also be influential.
  4. Not every birth unworthy or unfit to become a mother. At many times various circumstances can force her to make the decision.
  5. Are you having the resources to adopt a child? It is crucial to understand the importance of financial stability.
  6. Many couples and individuals are not patient and want the process to go fast. This sometimes leads to a wrong decision about the child.

If the adoptive family of the child is good then it will have a positive impact on the child. The attitude and behavior of the child will change according to the adoptive family. But there are people who oppose the adoption process for many reasons.

  1. When foster parents decide to adopt a child living in their home but due to different reasons are unable to do so than a feeling of guilt overcomes them.
  2. Many families don’t consider adoption as a good thing. There is a lot of pressure from the family members and friends.
  3. Some couples don’t get out from the phase of grieving after the loss of their own child. This affects the attitude towards the adopted child.
  4. If the parents are thinking that they will have a playmate for their existing child then it is a very bad decision.
  5. You can never adopt a child to use him/ her as a tool for saving your marriage and then afterwards reject.

Psychological and Behavioral Issues of an Adopted Child:

There are several private adoption agencies like Tom Tebeau that are always there for those people who are facing different issues with the children they have adopted. There are a few children who cope beautifully with the family, but others display many psychological and behavioral problems.

A Sense of been Refused:

The children are always in fear of been refused by their adoptive parents as their own. This feeling develops when the adoptive mother is pregnant and is going to welcome a new baby in the family. This feeling is also because of any mistake done by the child. The child thinks that if he/ she commits a mistake then he/ she will not be considered as their own.

The feeling of Distress and Loss:

Knowing that the parents the child was living with is not their own gives emotions of distress and confusion. Another feeling that overcomes the child is that the birth mother doesn’t love him/ her and for that reason left him/ her in the care of others. This can make the child detached to the adoptive parents since they are giving the child the love he/ she deserves.

Loss of Identity:

When children from different races and ethnicity are adopted; the main issue that they face is to know that they don’t belong to the community they have been brought up in. If this is the case then the child will have a lot of questions about the real religion, race and culture the child was born into.

Lack of Confidence:

All these situations can develop a sense of lack of confidence in the child.  He feels that there is no place for him her in the family. This will make him not a popular student in school and will always make mistakes and feel low in the presence of other children.

Anger and Rage:

There are children who exhibit emotions and feelings on the other side of the spectrum. They feel angry and let out their rage onto others. The most potential targets are the birth parents if they are alive and then the adoptive parents. It has been observed that the boys are the ones who display this type of rage.

Coping with the Reality:

The most important that needs to be discussed in Adopting a Child in Georgia is the behavior of the child and his ability to cope with the reality that he/ she has been adopted. Sometimes the adoptive parents are not even aware of the true religion of the child and when the child comes to know the truth then it becomes very difficult to cope with this situation.

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