Quick Guide on Ergonomics – A New Twist in Old Postures


By sitting in the wrong manner, you can have severe stress, muscle ache, and a decline in productivity. For this reason, many companies, the organisation offers ergonomics chairs and sit-stand workstations to enhance the posture.

1.Begin by sitting in the correct way. Your legs should be at the level or somewhat lower than your sit.  For employees whose have a small height and doesn’t match up with the seat height then use a footstool. Also, the spine must be in straight alignment with the back of you. These chairs are ergonomic hence; they can be tilted up to 110-degrees.

2.Stand More

It may seem simple to sit in the office for continuous hours but in fact, it is much fatiguing. The more you sit for a longer time, the more pain it will cause thereby messing up with the posture.

Therefore, you must stand more in between the office hours. Out of your total working hours try to stand at least one or two hours on feet for good posture.

3.Walking Around

Like we mentioned earlier, it’s crucial to relieve the strains caused by sitting. Most people are so much involved in the work that they forget to walk around. You can set an alarm to ring every thirty minutes to get you walking and engage into activities.

You can also use desktop apps like Big Stretch Reminder or Stretchly to keep you active.

4.Ergonomic Support System

There are chances that not everyone are not familiar with the ergonomics and neutral posture. It takes time to get used to it. Years of the wrong posture have led it difficult to practice the correct alignment of posture.

You can use a footrest, monitor arms, ergonomic chair, and many other support systems to use for daily activities. These support systems will help you in getting back to the posture.

5. Hands and Wrist

Wrist pain is a common complaint among the employees and the strains they experience. Sharp pain can strike up in instant hence you can have an adjustable workstation. Besides, you can also carry out a few practices.

Like keeping the hands straight in line with the forearms, do not twist the arms. Also, avoid pressing your wrists to the sharp edges of your desk.

6. Limit the Usage of Your Phone Screen

People tend to bend their head more towards the screen whenever they are using a touch screen computer or laptop. Hence, you should never hold your head forward for a prolonged period of time. It will cause pain in the neck and causes joint injuries for the long-term.

Nothing comes above your health. Therefore, to ensure it stays good, healthy and fit, follow the earlier mentioned postures at your workplace and home as well.

These postures will assist you in maintaining the posture that won’t cause any back pain, neck pain or strains. It might look tough to you. But once you start practicing there will be changes you notice in upcoming time.

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