Resetting Admin Login IP Address | Username & Password ( Router) is an IP Address which is generally assigned to the device through a local network which has been configured to use this particular class of IPs. There are many different broadband routers like Apple’s Airport Express, D-Link and Belkin Model of routers which mostly used or as their default gateway address.

To avoid confusion you may have to get rid those devices of this IP. The interesting factor is that you evenly change the default gateway of certain routers to, the one reason behind DNS assigned to a router is very easy to remember.

How to Access or

Open the local internet

Browse on your system

Type the in the address bar

You will get the default gateway login page.

Enter the Username and password.

Generally for all Apple or D-Link routers Username is Admin and Password is Nil.

Now you will see the portal, be safe when fiddling with the settings.

The address will probably be something like / or ( however it can become user-friendly with the help of address like

What happens when  is not working:  If you can’t access then you can use the method of port mapping. Follow our steps one by one.  Connect to the base stations wireless network. If you have either Airport Extreme base station or time capsule, you can connect to their own base station using an Ethernet cable.

 If you further not connect with what will do. If refuses to connect then there is a high chance that the problem is with the Apple’s hardware which does not obey your rules according to their particular norms and not your system which you are accessing the default login gateway. This problem may arise with the Belkin 1 Port Modem. Then you may use Apple’s magic Airport Utility to set up the router. So that you can port forward  

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