Resources That Will Help You Write Better Content for every Website

Resources That Will Help You Write Better Content for every Website

Any writer needs comprehensive writing skills when he is assigned any kind of writing. The writers of have productive writing skills, will be able to provide help on different platforms worldwide to numerous people for example – Essay help USA.

There are certain resources how a content writer can improve and accelerate the writing skills. Let’s see what are those resources –

The resources have been divided into categories as for instance to check the grammar and punctuation, for spelling and common mistakes, for general writing skills, for better writing, headlines, and triggers. Let’s see what are those tools and resources –

A. For Grammar and punctuation – The students can use

Grammar girl – It has efficient tips to check and improve the grammar errors. It gives all the knowledge about the tenses, word choices. It will solve all the student’s grammar problems.

Next source is

Hyper grammar – it is an electronic source which is taught by the Ottawa’s writing center.

For punctuation mistakes

Use English Punctuation correctly – It is the best source for correcting the punctuation mistakes.

Better writing skills – This source has 26 articles on punctuation, characters, apostrophes, commas, semicolons, etc.

The Guide to Grammar and writing – It is an old referral resource which will help the students on improving the MS word usage.

B. Common mistakes and problems – There are several sources from where the students can get the idea of how to improve their common English mistakes like spelling. The sources are –

Common errors in English – It is a source which describe the errors the writers usually make along with the detailed explanations of each mistake.

Ask oxford: better writing – This source is all about the big and classic writing errors the writers make. It has a terrible feature of site navigation.

Dr.Grammar – It provides the doctor solutions to the grammar errors, how these mistakes could be prevented. Some master tricks related to it.

C. General writing skills –

Writer’s digest – It is one of the best sources for writing better and get enough web traffic. This platform also includes blogs, forums which will help the content writers to get more of their data published.

Infoplease – It is for general writing skills. It will help the writers to write better.

The Elements of style – It is a book written by William Strunk. It is a classic reference book. Its online version is also available.

Poynter writing tools – It is generally a blog written for writers which includes fifty writing tools and the collection of podcasts for writing.

Learning lab – This site has over 20 pdfs along with the rules and common mistakes the students make related to how to summarize the writings, paraphrasing, linking of words.

Some of the articles and blogs examples from where the students can take help for writing better –

  1. Stock and Flow by Robin Sloane, Snark market – This keep the writing stock evergreen and it will help the writers to generate enough web traffic on their content online.
  2. Web Copy That sells: Nine can’t – Fail formulas – By Karri Stover, Business 2 community
  3. If Don Draper Tweeted: The 27 Copywriting formulas that drive clicks and engagement by Kaven Lee, Buffer.
  4. Master this copywriting formula to dominate any social media platform by Demian Farnworth, Copyblogger.

This is the most compelling source for a web content writer to go deep and write the best quality social web contents and blogs.

  1. My all-time favorite blog post and why it’s so great – It is written by Jason Miller. The writer can refer to this source for knowing different web writing techniques.
  2. The Minimalist’s guide to becoming a better writer – It is written by Demian Farnworth, Copybot – It provides knowledge in three basic categories like in reading, writing or how to do critical analysis which will help in becoming the best writer.
  3. Write like your reader is about to pee in their pants – It is written by Joel Klettke. Consider if the reader really wants to pee really bad, so best get to the point. This is the 250-word post-challenge.

So, these are some of the writing sources the content writers can refer to in order to overcome their minor writing errors.

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