Rustic Homestays for a lovely stay in Himachal

If you want to explore and discover the real Himachal to get the feel of liberty from the everyday chores and drudgery, you need to include some off-beat stays in your itinerary.

When you think of Himachal, instantly a fun-filled holiday with the adventures of paragliding, trekking, hiking, rafting, camping, yak rides, skiing and lots of other thrilling activities. Staying in posh and regal hotels or resorts might add the necessary glam quotient to your stay but you might just miss out on getting to know the real Himachal, to mix with the locals, to taste the local culinary delights and to soak in the rustic flavors associated with the dream destination of Himachal.

To make the idea of a secret hideout away from the eager curious bunch of flocking tourists clamoring for attention successful, rustic homestays are an excellent option. If you are in love with the unconventional accommodation ideas for travelers to have a unique holiday experience, dig out some of the best homestay options in Himachal and plan an unforgettable vacation. The small village accommodations nicely tucked in the folds of Himalayas away from the bustling crowd and in lesser hyped places would be the ideal choice

Manali Meadows is hosted by Sanjay and Sunita Dutta and is all about making your stay in Manali memorable. This property has won the Himachal Pradesh Best Homestay Award 2010. This homestay accommodation is about 13 km away from the main town of Manali and takes around 15 minutes by road.

The homestay offers activities like rafting and skiing. This homestay is set in a soothing ambiance at the foot of Himalayas. The setting has dense greenery exuded by the thick forests of Cedar trees. The homestay shall win over hearts immediately with its elegantly decorated rooms that call for a comfortable stay. It has beautiful manicured green lawns. You can enjoy your hot cup of morning tea or coffee in the lawn.

Vashisht Homestay in Manali is another gem of a stay in Himachal Pradesh. It is best known for its absolute serenity and quietude. This homestay is neatly tucked in the folds of Manali’s Himalayan hills and offers captivating views all around. The homestay is run and managed by Mala Banerjee who is a great host in terms of her skills in hospitality, food, and conversations.

Birds and Chirps in Dalhousie are dominated by peace and natural beauty all around. Courteous staff and delicious food cooked in-house add the extra topping to the already satisfying stay. The property is a mere 1.3 kilometers from the main town of Dalhousie. The staff makes sure that guests are properly taken care of so that they feel at home. The rooms are equipped with private balconies that overlook the hill slopes commanding mesmerizing views. The place is steeped in elegance and rustic charm and warmth of hospitality that modern hotels at times fail to provide. The rooms have tasteful interiors with a unique theme. As the name suggests, from this property every morning you get to spot a lot of birds and wake up in the morning to the melodious chirping of birds. Dance around the warm heat of bonfires in the night. Even try your hands at the meals being cooked in the kitchen.

Aastha Homestay Cottage in Fagu is a home away from home with exotic wooden furnished cottages. The property offers sheer bliss with comfortable and extremely relaxing accommodation facilities. The homestay cottage is located in a calm and quiet setting where you can wake only to the sound of birds and breeze. This homestay option will bring your dreams of being one with nature come true. The panoramic views all around the cottage are mesmerizing with a fresh spray of colors spreading its hue that keeps on changing with the hours of the day.  There are enchanting walking trails around the cottage that shall enthrall you with exotic natural beauty.

Himachal Tourism also includes homestays in their tour packages. Enjoy plenty of fresh air and get to taste fresh fruits from the trees of Himachal when in season. Fagu is located just one and a half kilometers away from this property. The property is hosted by Mr. Naresh Sharma and his wife Nisha. Food is simple but tasty and you can enjoy authentic local Himachal cuisines here. Be a part of the extended family and get a new home.

Lato The Hut in Jibhi offers beautiful cottages at an altitude of about 2160 meters above sea level. Lato Hut is a beautiful little cottage that is situated cozily on the bank of the river and nestled amidst towering green cedar and pine trees with some flowering bushes around to add to the ecstasy. Spend a peaceful vacation here at Jibhi. Three picturesque wooden cottages with 12 rooms offer tastefully decorated accommodations. The cottages have colored wood paneling on the walls and windowpanes. Modern tiled bathrooms are fitted with a bathtub too. A little natural swimming pool adds excitement to the stay.

  • Raju’s Guest House in Gushaini is warmly poised beside the cascading and softly gurgling Tirthan river. This property is laced with the gorgeous beauty of the charm of orchards. This homestay property is located in the Tirthan Valley in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. This is a rustic little homestay and is fascinatingly accessible through a manual ropeway that operates over the Tirthan River. The property is a family-run homestay. Magnificent orchards of apple and cherry surround the three sides. The fourth side is flanked by the Tirthan River that teems with trout. Tirthan River is a tributary of the Beas. The unique combination of orchards and river setting lends the homestay the idyllic Himalayan rustic flavor of yore. The stay takes us back into time and civilization. One can enjoy hiking, camping, trekking, mountain biking and angling from this property.

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