Solar Energy, Storage & Projections

Past: It has been a fantastic journey for the Solar PV trade throughout the last decade. on the far side all stretches of the imagination, the solar power value has fallen below the grid parity level, by concerning eighty-five from the tariff level Rs.18 per unit, in 2009.

Future: One Sun, One World, One Grid’ – may well be a reality at intervals the subsequent twenty years. The Sun God, the only real energy supply for the world (any standard or non-conventional, indirectly!), is tipped to affect ‘On Grid’ through the foremost direct conversion technique, solar PV route, in returning years.

Transition: In the power section, Solar PV generation put in capability throughout the last 2 years was quite the combined share of all different energy sources. Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) share in Bharat is projected to cross fifty-five, by 2030. At this rate, what’s future for the subsequent decade is Energy Storage Systems, which may amendment the whole sociology of power transmission & distribution. it’s going to thus happen that distributed saur generation units with adequate storage systems can create the transmission & distribution system redundant.

In this transformation towards One Grid, it’s foretold that a number of the previous generation technologies like pumped up storage systems may get a revival! Thermal storage systems, that were AN integral a part of initial day saur Thermal Plants, may create a re-entry, for grid equalization. Induction furnaces, that are the powerhouses of the metal trade, can become a heating supply for thermal storage systems, for applications like heating, AC and many other process applications, for meeting continuous demand.

No doubt Battery Storages, with the leading technologies like Li-Ion, VRLA, NaS-NaNiCl can dominate the Energy Storage market, during this promising transition. Proofs are already evident, wherever the tariff levels with battery storage systems have started nearing the ‘grid parity tariff levels’.

Now, the colorful solar PV trade is anticipated to require energy storage systems, which might open up larger opportunities for alternative segments sort of a battery, thermal storage, heat engines, heat exchangers, combined cycle systems, pumped-up storage systems, induction furnaces, etc.

Let’s gear up for this interesting phase of Transition!

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