If you need some relaxing time all you need to do is book yourself a morning desert safari. Take along your favorite friends or your family for a good company. Morning desert safari offers you a variety of options to freshen up your mind and have a soothing feeling at the desert. If you are really tired of roaming around the malls and staying indoors then morning desert safari is definitely a yes for you. Also, if you are a Dubai resident take out time for you and your family, pack bags and go for the morning desert safari for a change of environment.


You don’t wanna miss the chance of a peaceful morning riding on a camel. Trust me the desert, the tranquility, the swaying camel everything complements. Morning desert safari is meant for you if you are a nature lover since it has the essence one expects to experience at a desert. If you have reached before dawn then there is nothing more beautiful than the sunrise while you are sitting on the camel hump. You’d literally be struggling to balance and witness the gorgeous sun shining right above you. This is the benefit of getting on a morning desert safari, everything is so soothing.


Since you are now done with the camel ride, its time to travel the desert and bounce on the steep dunes. Everything has its own charm and adventure, the dune bashing at the morning desert safari is all about screaming your lungs out when the car goes up just like the fastest roller coaster. You would enjoy every bit of it and will get to watch how the dunes create the magical movie scene with the perfect timings. You will admire the color of the sand changing as you move along the desert. Trust me you would not regret visiting the morning desert safari and get all the positive vibes.


Making yourself happy should be the first priority and morning desert safari is all up to cheer you up. Whoever is fond of some painting on their hands can visit the henna stall. This actually portrays the cultural and traditional rituals of the Arabs.

Beautiful designs are painted on your hands whereas the color stays for about a week which is pretty cool. Next up at the morning desert safari is some entertaining belly dance. You would literally enjoy the dancers performing right in front of you with so much expertise. Mostly the men out there would love the women dancing haha! The morning desert safari is serving you the best package of fun and thrill.

BRUNCH How can you leave the morning desert safari without having food? Well, there are carpets and low tables assembled for you which gives a broad cultural vibe. Have the most scrumptious barbeque with Arabic tea and dates and end the morning desert safari on a good note.

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