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The ABC of The MOT Test: All About MOT In Less Than Five Minutes

If you have bought your vehicle three years ago, it’s time to buckle up for getting your car through an MOT test. This test makes sure that the vehicle is fit for use on a road full of traffic. It is important for the safety of not only the driver and the people in the car but also the people on the road. MOT Newark is a comprehensive test to check all the significant parts of the vehicle. It is also true that the maximum number of cars that fail the test are because of the easiest factors to maintain, for example, tyre pressure, brakes, fluids, horns, lights, etc.

Where to go for MOT test?

MOT is the ministry of transport that has authorised around 21,000 test centres all over the country. It is easy to recognise the test centres with a blue sign that features three white coloured triangles, officially given by the Ministry to the test centres. You can easily find them out on the internet or the website of the government as well.

What happens during an MOT test?

Your car will undergo multiple checks to find out the status of well being of your car. If any part of the car, including the exhaust system, windscreen wipers, seat belts, mirrors, and lights, are in bad condition, you may fail the test. Further, you will have to take the MOT retest with all faults corrected. The test does not check the gearbox, clutch, and engine.

Duration of the test

It only takes around 45 to 60 minutes for the test, but it is essential to invest hours in repair for qualifying 20 minutes. Otherwise, you must be ready for the consequences. Many people don’t know that if the vehicle fails the test, the authorities at the test centre will not allow you to take the vehicle until they fix all the problems. The test centre may require one complete day to settle everything wrong with it.

The cost of the test

The cost of getting a car tested is around £50 and £29 for motorbikes. You might be lucky to get some percentage of discounts based on how well you negotiate. Try your best to get the discount because the ratio of failure in the MOT test is 2:5 in the first attempt. Difficult to believe, but true! Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether to negotiate well or maintain your vehicle well.

Reasons for failure

To help you better, the first reason to be rejected in the test is created by the users himself like screenwash is not up to the mark. The dirt gets accumulated because of our ignorance due to occupancy in the daily routine can also be a potential reason for failure in the test. Unnecessary stickers pasted on the windscreen can also cost you another round of MOT tests. If your registration plate is missing or is dirty, it can also give good reason to the test taker against your vehicle. If you are sure about the condition of your car drive it to us, at Farnsfield Auto Centre. We provide genuine MOT Newark that will help you make your car roadworthy in the eyes of the authorities.

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