The Best CBD Vape Kit Below – the Dr. Dabber Light Full RX Kit

The vaping culture is slowly becoming a norm, thanks to the decriminalization of CBD in the U.S. However, finding a reliable and affordable vape kit in the market is not a walk in the park.

Most of the relatively cheap vape kits are substandard, while the ones which are perceived to be of high quality cost quite a fortune. 

However, if you are operating on a shoestring budget, you can get a decent vape kit for all your CBD needs. In this case, the Light Full RX Kit by Drdabber guarantees maximum pleasure and healing without breaking the bank.

What does the Light Full RX vape kit contain?

  • A shatterproof storage ball
  • A Dr. Dabber Light pen
  • A loading stool
  • A light top made up of a mouthpiece and an atomizer
  • One wireless USB charger
  • Two extra light atomizers

Here is why every newbie should get the Light Full RX  vape kit

Shatterproof storage ball

It is used as a reservoir for the CBD concentrate. Despite its small size, the storage ball can serve you conveniently for a relatively long period. Besides, the shatterproof content prevents the CBD concentrate from sticking inside. Instead of wasting time trying to scratch clean the storage ball, make use of the decent shatterproof model from Dr.Dabber

Dr.Dabber Light pen

The Dr. Dabber Light Full RX vape kit comes with an amazing light pen, developed using advanced vaping technology. The light pen acts as a vaporizer, whose main purpose is to ensure that the CBD concentrate in the storage ball gets heated to reach the vaporization point.

The light pen is made in such a way that it does not overheat, yet burns the concentrate into vapor. Instead of taking in low-quality vapor, get the light pen from the famous Dr.Dabber.

Loading stool

The loading stool is designed in such a way that loading the CBD concentrate into the chamber does not cause wastage. The design also gives you the opportunity to pick the preferred size of the concentrate.

The light top

The light top taps into the latest technology to give you an exquisite experience as far as vaping is concerned. It is made up of an atomizer and a mouthpiece. The atomizer gets ignited very fast, which makes it very convenient. Similarly, the mouthpiece is tapered to give maximum comfort without burning you, making the Light Full RX Kit the ultimate solution to vaping for beginners.

Wireless USB charger

Using a substandard charger is not only risky but a sure way to shorten the lifespan of a vape pen. Therefore, a standard charger is recommended for each vape pen due to its varying power requirements.

The Light Full RX Kit comes with such a charger which explains the reason for the high durability. The USB charger is very convenient due to its fast charge rate. Instead of trying out different counterfeit chargers, get a verified one from Dr. Dabber’s full kit.

Easy peasy cleaning and maintenance

In order to clean the atomizer, you need to drop it in isopropyl alcohol, which removes any shatter sticking on it. Cleaning the atomizer is one of the easiest maintenance skills you need to have in order to have to get optimum service. This kit is made to be so easy to clean that even its newest owner can do it alone.

Money Guarantee

 The Light Full RX Kit from Dr. Dabber offers a full year warranty for the battery and lighter. If either or both of them break down during this period, you can return them for diagnosis. Even more nostalgic is that, if the part being repaired does not function as expected, you get a replacement for the same. The one-year guarantee is an assurance that the Light Full RX Kit is a trusted brand in the market


The Light Full RX Kit costs just $69.95, making it pocket-friendly to many people, its top-notch quality notwithstanding. To the novices, the low cost might appear too unrealistic, given its perceived benefits over other brands. However, this CBD vape pen kit is not a hype since many people have been using it for over a year without any complaint. When you purchase the Light Full RX Kit, you get value for every cent.

Bottom line

Getting the right CBD vape pen starter pack should no longer be a hassle, especially now that Dr. Dabber is in the market. Avoid “cheap” CBD vape pen kits in the market by buying the Light Full RX Kit from Dr. Dabber.

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