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The Stylish Cantilever Umbrella

The cantilever umbrella is a kind of outdoor shade umbrella that is different in style and built. Ever wonder where to find it? Its eye-catching size is hard to miss in popular restaurants, coffee shops, commercial establishments and in fancy resorts. As a lifestyle umbrella, the cantilever sets itself unique because of its form and elegant design that is not typical of other umbrellas.
We’ve breakdown here the notable differences of a cantilever against other common types of umbrellas:

Cantilever Umbrella
• At first glance, the cantilever stands angled or bent. And this is what makes it distinctively-looking because it is a not-so-common type of style for umbrellas. It’s tilted in such a manner that it can be refocused to the direction against the intense sunlight, in order to protect the umbrella user or guest. Where the sun hits the ground, the large and mobile shade of the cantilever umbrella gives the excellent job of protecting you from the sun. All the more, its 360-degree angle makes the umbrella easy to open and close.
• It has a side pole. This is what makes a cantilever spacious enough to make way for matching pieces of furniture that can seat more guests. Because the cantilever umbrella design doesn’t have a middle pole, guests have the flexibility to go elsewhere under the shade umbrella. Rotate it at your desired angle to get the best feel of the outdoor shade umbrella.
• Better-design and style. A cantilever umbrella can have different canopy shapes– round, squarish, or rectangle, it really depends on what a customer finds best for his/her shade umbrella at home or business. It offers many options to fulfill that aesthetic idea that doesn’t compromise with the outcome. So throw some shade over your outdoor space and give a classy and stylish look to impress your guests.
• Choose the color you like
There is also a much playful variety of colors to choose from with a cantilevered canopy, and one can go for the brighter summery hues or go for the traditional colors that one is more familiar with. You may also want to introduce some vibrant colors to pop up the feeling of those under the comfort of your outdoor shade umbrella or follow the mood of your home or your business is always the best interest of choosing the color you like.
• A cantilever is taller and wider. It’s hard to miss seeing a cantilever umbrella in the middle of a commercial space because a cantilever’s height can dominate the other features in a space, making it ideal for use during special occasions or for entertaining guests. The other notable feature of a cantilever is the really extensive shade it has that can make guests comfortably seated or in wait for the day’s activities or business.
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