Top 6 Countries to Study Abroad

Top 6 Countries to Study Abroad

Study Abroad: Studying abroad is a very good opportunity in many ways. Studying abroad can make a student’s career, depending on which country they are going to study in. Although, studying abroad can be challenging but it is important for a student to learn how to struggle in life. Studying in a different country teaches a student how to manage work and studies both. Apart from this, students learn how to manage their time, cook food, manage expenses and how to save money, etc. So, overall it is a great opportunity that should not be missed.

Best Countries to Study Abroad

There are so many countries in the world, which country will be the best to study in? Well, if you have the same question, then here’s a list of top nine countries, which are amongst the best countries to pursue your education in.

  1. Germany – Germany is a European country and also called an economic powerhouse. It is one of the popular international study destinations for students. Germany imparts high quality education and provides many good facilities for foreign students. Students opt for Germany to pursue Bachelors and Masters Degrees mostly in business studies and science field. This country provides more than 15000 plus programs to foreign students. Also, being fluent in German is not necessary as many study programs are provided in the English language. Also, giving and clearing the English language proficiency is not mandatory, it depends on the universities whether they require it or not.
  2. France – France is another popular destination for students to study abroad. It is also a European country and is home to the Eiffel Tower (Wonder of the world). It has more than 2,60,000 international students. The country has a rich culture and is has popular tourist attractions places. Benefits of studying in France are – tuition fees are nominal, provides quality education, has many research and development schemes, they value young talent, it is also an economic power, etc. Business education sectors and scientific studies are the most studied course in France. One can also get a visa without clearing IELTS/ TOEFL.
  3. Canada – Canada is well known for its people, rich culture, natural beauty and many more. It is also the world’s most educated country. Its quality of teaching and living is very famous. The infrastructure of the universities is excellent and the facilities provided are also exceptional. It is a bilingual country and a Canadian degree is highly valued worldwide. It also provides attractive programs with internship and job training in Canada after graduation. If you are interested to study in this country, you need to clear an English test like IELTS or PTE. Therefore, if you are poor in English work on it as English is the required language. Practice your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Practice, essay writing, comprehensions, etc. If you face issues in writing essays, ask others to assignment help melbourne or take their help in writing. It is ranked among the best countries to live and study in. Hence, you must definitely consider this option.
  4. USA – USA (United States of America) is one of the world’s most powerful countries. A Bachelor or Master’s degree can make you reach your goals easily. All kinds of educational courses can be pursued. Most of the international students choose Engineering, Business & Management, Computer Science, Life Science, Fine Arts, etc. A student does not even require to clear an English test to study in the USA. Also, the USA has high career opportunities and is world-famous. Although it might be expensive for some countries, but it is worth it. It is rich in culture and home to many Multinational Companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. Due to this reason, the USA has excellent job opportunities for domestic and foreign students.
  5. Australia – It is the sixth largest country in the world and is home to famous Australian kangaroos and koalas. Along with this, it is also famous for the international study destination among students. It intakes more than 5,50,000 international students every year. In order to study in Australia, you need to clear the English language proficiency test. There are many attractive places for students to visit in Australia. Quality of education, high career opportunities, a variety of programs, global recognition, fewer visa formalities, job opportunities (part-time and full-time), etc. are some of the benefits to studying in Australia.
  6. New Zealand – New Zealand is becoming one of the favorite countries for international students. Its eight universities are among the top universities in the world. It is famous for its natural beauty, sports and also for Lord of Rings Trilogy. IELTS is mandatory for pursuing an education in this country. It has career opportunities in abundance, high quality of living, easy visa availability, affordable tuition fees, etc. are some of the benefits to studying in New Zealand.
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