shopping places in kolayam

shopping places in kolayam

Top 7 Shopping Places in Kovalam

A Shopaholic’s Guide to Top 7 Shopping Places in Kovalam & What to Buy There!

Placed on the coast of the stunning Arabian Sea, Kovalam is a dream for nature lovers. It’s blessed with crystal blue waters, shimmering sandy beaches, and bountiful coconut trees. But did you know that there are some awesome shopping places in Kovalam as well? There are scores of awesome Kovalam markets to visit and buy some exotic and famous items of Kovalam. Are you looking for a saree shop in Kovalam? There are many! Would you like to buy local handicrafts? That can be done as well! Thereby, when you next visit this scenic Kerala region, don’t just stick to visiting the famous Kovalam Beach or exploring the fun nightlife in Kovalam. Do explore the one-of-a-kind shopping places in Kovalam as well!

Best Kovalam Markets to Shop At:

While you may have heard of awesome markets in places like Alleppey, Munnar, Trivandrum, and others, Kovalam markets are no less. Even if you’re just passing through the city on last minute flights, some hardcore shopping can be done. To know where to begin and what to buy, take a quick look at our list below of the best shopping places in Kovalam.

1. Tibetan Handicrafts

Little Tibet Arts are among the topmost shopping places in Kovalam to head to buy amazing Tibetan handicrafts. An owner is a kind man who has wise opinions on what customers should buy and why they should buy it! Popular items to buy here include Tibetan bowls, miniature Buddhas, beautiful pots, Tibetan scarves, and other such lovely handicrafts. 

2. Kovalam Beach

The best flea market in Kovalam can be found right at Kovalam Beach. It’s the ideal Kovalam shopping center to buy all kinds of things at rock-bottom rates. Think funky jewelry, quirky clothes, exotic spices, colorful sarongs, wood statues, hand-spun fabrics, and a lot more. Remember to bargain hard and get the best bang for your buck! You can also stop by beachside cafes amid shopping breaks.

3. Joseph & Sons Shop

Kerala is famous for spices and your trip to the region on business class flights is incomplete if you haven’t bought any. Joseph & Sons Shop is among the best shopping places in Kovalam for spices. Buy top-quality turmeric, cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla pods, and a lot more here. You can buy spices in large quantities and ship it back home instead of having to travel with it.

4. SM Handloom Center

For apparel, this is among the top shopping places in Kovalam. Also, unlike the flea market in Kovalam, things are relatively calmer here. Look for stunning clothing made of silk, linen, cotton, and other materials. These are good souvenirs as well as gift items to buy for loved ones back home. Also, the quality of the items sold here is the best and unlike any other.

5. Varkala Beach

Located a little over an hour away and an extremely scenic place, Varkala Beach also happens to be among the best places to shop in the region. You will find scores of beach shacks selling all kinds of funky jewelry, hippie clothing, stylish handbags, fashionable footwear, and more. This is the ideal place to enjoy the remarkable blend of shopping and beaches!

Famous Items of Kovalam to Buy:

Now that you know about the best shopping places in Kovalam, let’s take a quick look at the famous items of Kovalam to buy!

  • Spices: These are among the topmost items to buy in Kovalam! You can refer to the above list to know where to buy the best spices.
  • Lungis and Sarongs: A traditional wear for local men, sarongs/lungis come in all colors and patterns. You can buy them pretty much everywhere in Kovalam.
  • Seashell Jewelry: There are scores of shopping places in Kovalam that sell this unique type of jewelry. One-of-a-kind, it’s a great collector’s item as well as a stylish souvenir.
  • Books:Plenty of Kovalam markets have a special place designated for book lovers. You will find all kinds of fiction and non-fiction works sold at cheap rates.
  • Handlooms:Local handlooms, silk sarees, bright lungis, and stylish cotton Kurtis are some of the best local handlooms to buy in top shopping places in Kovalam.
  • Tibetan and Local Handicrafts: As discussed earlier, Tibetan handicrafts are best bought at Little Tibet Arts. You can visit various Kovalam markets for local handicrafts like hookahs, pottery, candle stands, wood carvings, rosewood and teakwood statues, etc.

How to Reach Kovalam: It is very easy to reach and enjoy exploring the best shopping places in Kovalam. International travelers can book cheap flights to Trivandrum International Airport (TRV), the nearest one to Kovalam. Located a mere 15 km away, you can easily reach the city from the airport via cabs. You can also reach Kovalam via buses and trains as well.

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