Top Reasons Why Homeowners Ditch Traditional Houses For Condo Community

Defining the Condo

A condo, short term for condominium, is a private residential unit in a multi-unit building or community where individual homeowners share common areas, facilities, and amenities such as lobbies, lounge areas, swimming pools, gyms, laundry areas, carports, and more. It is a classy practical alternative of the fancy house and lot property. However, a condo is not limited to high-rise buildings or residential properties. Townhouses can be developed as condominiums while high-rise buildings can also be applied for commercial properties such as office condominiums.     

Now that condos are popping up like mushrooms either in downtowns or certain rural places around the world, more and more homeowners are discovering the joy of condo living. Let’s face it, we are now living in a condo generation. In that case, there’s no surprise that the condo market is not showing any signs of slowing down even in the future. But what exactly pushed the rise of condo living is the fact that a condo is a representation of the better things people want in life: luxury, convenience, security, and comfort.

So, if condo living is a top choice for more and more homeowners, why should it be yours, too? Here are several reasons why people gravitate to condominiums over traditional houses.

Luxury and State-of-the-art Features

A newer condo wins when we talk about indulgence and style. Mainly because condos have state-of-the-art features that are relatively chic and functional. Every room and every corner has a purpose which means project home builders and designers have made good use of every space available. You wouldn’t even realize you’re walking on a 30 square meter home if the condo has a good design.  Not to mention those granite counters, grand entrance lobbies, new-fangled elevators, and modern amenities that will drop your jaws every time to walk in.

Advanced Security Features

You don’t have to spend on those sophisticated security systems because among the prestigious benefits of living in a condo are the security perks. 24/7 guards on duty secure both entry and exit points while monitoring cameras are located everywhere. Some condos also provide intercoms and fire sprinkler system for dwellers’ safety.      

Free Use of Amenities

Imagine how much you can save from booking resorts when you live in a condo that offers free use of amenities. Most condos have swimming pools, jacuzzis, observatories, and clubhouses that you can rent for special functions. You can also cut your gym membership if your condo provides a fitness center for free. Plus, open spaces such as jogging paths, walkways, and biking lanes are additional perks for health-conscious residents.   

Modern Convenience

Condos are usually situated near go-to establishments, major hubs, malls, hospitals, and schools. This gives you smooth access to these nearby points. You can enjoy walking or biking from home to avoid long drives and toxic daily commutes. Some condominiums also have their supermarkets, convenience stores, water refilling stations, laundry shops, cafes, and other commercial spaces. So, you won’t really have to go somewhere else to buy everything and get serviced.   

Less Maintenance

Another reason why condos are ideal for busy working professionals is that they have manageable spaces which are easier to maintain. Professionals do not have the luxury time to clean and manage certain repairs of huge houses. Plus, lawns and gardens are no longer part of your concern because the condominium provides maintenance for common areas.

Wise Investment

Condos in cities increase and even double their value in no time. Let’s say you’re moving to a new place. Instead of vacating your condo for good, you can rent it out and make good money out of it. Condos also have quicker reselling features compared to a house and lot. One of the best features is its location which might always interest several buyers.

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