SMS Security Management System

What is SMS Security Management System? Why is it necessary?

In recent years the landscape of technological communication has changed radically and radically. Nowadays, every company wants to make contact with the consumer as quickly as possible and the customer also wants to receive information about products and services immediately.

SMS services have solved the urgency problem for both, because each person is equipped with a mobile phone, with a wink of eye information available to the customer and organizations can also send the text messages according to their needs, ie transaction or promotion. With SMS, users can easily send or receive messages to a single person or multiple people. It is the most convenient and fastest communication channel.

Having said all this and meeting the need, is sms a safe way to send messages? How do these technologies ensure that it becomes a safe SMS? It is true that every text message is not protected; the integrity and confidentiality mechanisms for SMS security management are specified as optional security measures that are made available only when requested, but are not specified as mandatory requirements for an SMS system.

But today, every SMS service provider ensures the correct implementation of SMS Security Management System via encryption and API-based Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP), a level 7 TCP / IP protocol used in the telecommunications industry for exchanging SMS messages between SMSC (Short Message Service Centers) and ESME (External Short Messaging Entities) for fast delivery of SMS messages.

Why is it necessary to have an SMS Security Management System?

Implementation of SMS Security Management System helps to prevent some of the security threats when using SMS, such as

1) Publication of the message
2) Avoid spamming messages
3) Denial of Service (DoS) / flood attacks
4) The malformed vulnerable message that the phone is crashing
5) SMS viruses
6) SMS phishing

Reasons to opt for a secure SMS solution from third parties

An SMS Security Management system helps organizations secure company data with a fast involvement with the customer.

1) It is easy to implement third-party software or systems using API via SMPP, XML, and HTTP.
2) With SMS security systems it is easy to send any type of message, such as details about events, verification. 3) SMS, the promotional marketing campaign can be personalized and sent to everyone with a few clicks.
4) GUI-based friendly interfaces are made available to manage the system and view detailed reporting.

5) Technical assistance is also provided by them.
They are a cost-effective solution.

SMSala, an Bulk SMS service provider, offers the secure SMS system solution that is equipped with the necessary tools to help users communicate with customers, thus facilitating and complying with all legal and compliance requirements. ” We offer the most robust, user-friendly and fully secured SMS system where stored data is protected and properly encrypted on cloud-based servers.

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