What to do When your Flight is Delayed

Here’s what to do when your Flight is delayed and you’re stranded at the Airport for Hours!

What to do When your Flight is Delayed

Ever wondered what to do when your flight is delayed? Well, you’re not alone. Scores of travelers end up wasting precious hours at the airport because their flights got delayed. In fact, you might have come across several when your flight is delayed memes online. Even worse is if you have to wonder what to do in an airport for 8 hours or more because your next flight is that much later! But before you let yourself turn into a neurotic mess wandering aimlessly across the airport, hear us out. You can actually turn this waiting time at the airport into good use. How? Keep reading and we’ll tell you what to do when your flight is delayed.

1. Duty-free window shopping

This is among the most fun airport activities whether your last minute flights have been canceled or the ones you’ve booked in advance. In fact, duty-free window shopping is among the incredibly fun things to do in an airplane as well. Take a stroll along brightly lit duty-free stops at the airport and forget that you’ve actually been stranded here. Spray yourself with enchanting Chanel, check out their range of costly lipsticks and other cosmetics, and feel the tension ease away.

2. Treat yourself at a spa

Many airports, especially international ones, have them. Spas are a great source of stress buster and among the most fun things to do in an airport. Get a mani-pedi, a massage, or simply a tension-easing back rub. Let the masseuse work their magic on you and ease the knots away. Treating yourself to some well-deserved relaxation is among the best things to do when stuck in an airport.

3. Watch a movie or your favorite TV show

If you’re wondering what to do when your flight is delayed, pretty much everything is available on Netflix these days. If spas and duty-free shopping don’t excite you, try watching a movie or catch up on your favorite TV shows. An awesome form of airport fun, all you need is to pick a comfortable place to park yourself. Look for less-crowded places where you won’t be considered an intrusion.

4. Read a book

Do you carry a kindle? Use it. Don’t carry one? No problem. Just head over to the bookstore at the airport. You can but a copy here or read one, provided that’s okay with the bookstore owner. Some major airports will also offer a library. This is a great alternative for those who’d like to read but not necessarily buy a book. A cost-effective past time, this is one of the best things to do when stuck in an airport.

5. Call friends and family

Many of us find it difficult to keep in touch with family and friends owing to our busy schedule. So instead of scratching your head and wondering what to do when your flight is delayed, get yourself to a pay phone. Call loved ones you haven’t been able to stay in regular touch with and ask about their wellbeing. You should also make a call to let your parents or whoever it is you’re visiting know that your flight has been delayed.

6. Catch up on work and other emails

This is a great tip especially for corporate travelers who’ve missed business class flights meant for a work trip. You can catch up on a bit of extra work and better prepare yourself for the meeting or presentation you need to make at the end of your trip. Non-business travelers can do this as well. In case you don’t wish to work, you can reply to personal emails that have been pending for a long time. Meanwhile, with regard to your next flight, you can check your flight status online and find out how much longer you’ll need to wait at the airport.

7. Check out displays and other art galleries

Several airports will have fantastic displays with many of them by local artists that showcase the art and culture of the region. Find out if the airport you’re stranded at has these. You can easily while away a good hour or two by studying the beautiful art and other display items. Have a bit of airport fun and get someone to click pictures of you posing with some of the air exhibits. They can be an awesome part of your travel photos collection.

8. Hit the airport bar For a bit of relaxation, head over to the airport bar and order a cold one. It’s one of the best things to do when wondering what to do when your flight is delayed. Chances are good that you’ll be paired with other people who’ve also been stranded at the airport. Drown your disappointment with fellow disgruntled passengers and make a couple of friends at least for a short time. However, it’s not a good idea to overdo it. Airport authorities will not take kindly to a passenger who is drunk. Find cheap Flight Tickets at Indian Eagle

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