Which London Airport Should You Choose for Air Travel?

Planning to fly into or out of London, then here’s some information that you need to know about London’s airports.

Every airport in London has a unique personality. There are some airports that will welcome you with a cup of tea, while others want you to get out as soon as possible. Though there are six airports in London, here we will talk about Heathrow and Gatwick because they’re closest to London and mostly used by the travellers.

London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow is the biggest airport in the UK and known as the third busiest international airport in the world. Though finding budget flights from Heathrow can be challenging, it can get you anywhere you want to go.

What makes Heathrow the first choice of travellers is an array of options in getting there. For instance, if public transportation strikes or traffic jam occurs – you can find multiple options to reach Heathrow, such as Heathrow Express that will take you directly to the airport, and then there is Jewels Airport Transfers that provide fastest airport transfers to Heathrow.

If you choose Heathrow Express or Heathrow connect, you’ll have to catch the train from Paddington Station. But, there is a major benefit of travelling via train, all the terminals of Heathrow are accessible by London underground on the Piccadilly line. Also, it takes around 50 minutes to reach Heathrow airport via train.

As mentioned earlier, Heathrow is the biggest airport in the UK, so make sure you know from which terminal your flight is departing because getting to a wrong terminal might increase your stress levels.

However, the major pitfall of London Heathrow is its border control. Also, queues for the waiting list can last up to 2 hours, which is considered normal at the airport. It is healthy to know that border agents don’t care about the waiting line, so keep yourself calm and patient if you want to enter into the UK.

Pro Tip

We recommend you book a taxi or take the underground into London to reach Heathrow as soon as possible. Also, if you travel to Heathrow regularly, then buy an Oyster card.

London Gatwick Airport

Gatwick is the unsung hero of the UK; it is the only other international airport that gives a strong competition to Heathrow. No doubt that Heathrow is the most travelled and recommended airport in the UK, but Gatwick is also one of the best airports in many terms and facilities.

For instance, it is the second airport that provides the largest selection of airlines offering their services overseas and onto the European continent. What makes it more better is that you can avail discounts on flights with EasyJet, Ryanair, and other low-cost airlines in Europe with all the amenities that an international airport provides.

Although it is far from London, reaching Gatwick is still accessible an easy. You can either take the Gatwick Express that take 30 minutes to reach the airport or select airport transfers to and from Gatwick airport. Also, if you want to save a few extra bucks then prefer taking the coach services to and from the airport via National Express.

There are only two terminals at London Gatwick airport, so it wouldn’t stress you to navigate through the airport. What makes Gatwick better than Heathrow is border control waiting time, which is nothing as compared to Heathrow.

Based on these criteria, you can select which airport is ideal for your air travel journey. Do let us know if this blog helps in choosing the right airport.

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